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Daily Mini Twist Maintenance | How to Keep Mini Twists Moisturized

Hey Guys!

I’ve had these mini twists in my hair for far too long! Lol, I’ll be the first to admit that! But hey, I’m busy man! So I’m currently going on Week 7 with these twists, which I swore I would never do again since the last time my hair started to loc up on me! But I’ve been holding up pretty well this time! I’ll definitely be taking these out soon though, I’m ready for a change and I’m missing my free hair!


I’ve made tons of videos on Youtube about taking care of my mini twists and maintaining them, but there is one thing that I haven’t discussed in detail that’s super important to the daily maintenance! Moisturization!!!

Like usual, I like to keep it simple! Every night before going to bed, I make sure to moisturize my hair, using my spray bottle, much like when I’m wearing twist outs! (p.s. I broke my pretty pink spray bottle…. so sad about that! I’ll have to order a new one, but for now, this boring clear bottle works well enough!)


So in my spray bottle, I fill it up with water, aloe vera juice, and my DIY Hair and Body Oil Mixture! (If you don’t have all of the oils for the mixture, no worries, you can just add jojoba oil or olive oil and that’ll work fine.)

So I shake up all of the ingredients in the spray bottle, and spritz my mini twists until they are damp, not soaking wet, making sure to focus on the ends!



Then I squeeze the water/oils into my twist to make sure they’ve penetrated my hair…


… and proceed to either wrap my hair…


… or throw it in a low bun with a satin scrunchy, depending on my laziness levels, of course!


Then I throw on a satin scarf and head to bed! It’s so simple, easy, and quick! I used to use my DIY Shea Butter Cream to seal my mini twists after spritzing with plain water, but I find that mixing the Hair and Body Oil in the bottle with the water, works much better. It’s lighter and easier to squeeze into the strands because it’s already liquid! And the oils work really well in sealing in the moisture from the water!


In the morning my twists have dried, and they’re nicely moisturized and soft! And don’t worry, the hair never feels oily. There’s such a small amount of oil in the water that by the time morning comes, the hair has absorbed it all and is just left with a nice sheen and softness.


Just do this every night and your hair will stay moisturized throughout the duration of your style!


So I hope this helps guys! I’ll post links to my other Mini Twist Tutorials below for anyone looking for them! See ya in my next video or post!





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Reader Comments

You and your hair are so very beautiful! I enjoyed reading this post. Caught myself chuckling a bit here in the library. Thanks for all the tips, I plan on employing them soon. And congrats on having your baby (if you've delivered yet).

Your twists are so beautiful! How long did this take you? I don't blame you for keeping them in girl! Here's wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy 🙂

Hey Whitney,

Just a question, say I was to get extensions to do this style, would I use the same nightly routine that you use or would it be different because the hair is synthetic?

Thank you! I just took down mine over the weekend. I could only go 2 weeks 🙁 hair started to get fuzzy and the fuzzes started to knot and creating locs. I find that after I shampoo the twists swell and begin to loosen and unravel not sure how to address that. Any tips?

I love the look of mini twists. I'm still deep in the TWA phase (my hair is about two or three inches long. I've been natural for about four months), but I can't wait until my hair is long enough to do mini twists on it. Its also a good reminder about keeping the hair well moisturized.

I love your hair and your earrings 🙂 Sorry you broke your pink spray bottle. I am so use to seeing it in all of your videos! Where can you even order it from?

I enjoy your posts and vids so much. You and your hubby are wonderful. I will have to do some mini twists on my tween and teen girls' hair (I have a shaved head at the moment and I love it). Your hair always looks so beautiful and you are always so real and down to earth. Thanks for sharing and I hope you are resting. 🙂

Curious any ideas on putting your hair up for bed after moisturizing and preventing them from shrinking to a TWA. I only have about 5" of hair so I can't wrap.

I want to know what can be done to tame frizz. I can only wear mine for about a week or so and then the frizz come in and destroy the pretty look. I love my mini twists and how versatile it is but I just need to know what can be done to maintain frizz. Any thoughts or suggestions???

Thanks for your post!!:) Does the nightly routine keep frizz at bay? Is that it? I too want to know how you maintain the frizz level??! My hair would be crazy frizzy after one week as well. — Thanks!!!:))

Do you mist and moisturize your twists every single night? If so, how do you combat the old damp hair smell?

Hey, I love your channel and your blog. And I want my hair to be healthy and shiny just like yours. One Question: when you wet your hair at night, do you experience a smell in the morning?

Hello Whit,

I have been natural for about 5-6 years now, and my hair was really long. But, I started straightening it and twisting it, and I began to notice severe breakage and damage due to heat and knots. I still have my curl pattern, but there is a huge length difference between the very back of my hair and the rest. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to cut my hair because I really like how long it is, but it's starting to get a little awkward. I love my hair, but I almost want to start over. I'm not sure if I can repair the damage that I've caused. Not sure what to do.

Naptural 85,

you have THE best head of hair. I am so JEALOUS, and pray that one day mine will reflect that i'm a Naptural 85 disciple. All well wishes!

Your hair and skin look amazing! As always 🙂 Your hair looks so soft and moisturized. I keep going back and form about if I want to use a simple routine like yours of just using basic, healthy products, or if I want to use some of the products that are out on the market. I try my best to stick with natural, organic products.

I'm going to go buy more Shea butter and whip up more 🙂

I always love your tips and sugg. I rave about you and your channel to everyone lol.

Can't wait to see the baby!


I know I'm all late on this post (haha), however I have been keeping my short hair in medium to mini twists for the past two months now and have been looking for ideas on how to keep them moisturized on week two before I take them down. I've seen this post before, but it didn't hit home until now. As always you are so wise and helpful. Thanks Whitney! =)


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