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My Week in Pictures!

Hey Guys!

Sitting at my local Panera Bread because the internet in my new apartment hasn’t been set up yet! But I wanted to give you all a quick update in case you’ve been wondering where the heck I am! It’s been a long, but eventful couple of weeks for Filipe and I, which we’ve been sharing on my Instagram page, but for all of you who may not be following there, I wanted to also share it with you!

As some of you know, my sister and I were pregnant at the same time! She was due a little over a month before me, and on September 27th she gave birth to my beautiful new nephew, Julien! … whom some of you said looks a bit like a mini Buddha! Lol!


It was such a long night and we didn’t get home until about 2am, but it was so worth it to see my new baby nephew! To be honest, I was a little scared of having to give birth myself (can you blame me!? I have to push a baby out of my v@g*na!!) but after seeing how precious and beautiful they are, it is so worth it!

%image_alt%My dad is so in love!

Later that weekend, it was time to take my birthing classes at the hospital! It was really informative and helped to calm my nerves about the whole process. On my break I, of course, snuck up to my sister’s hospital room to hold baby Julien again and see how she was doing…


Yeah, I’m in love… and it’s safe to say my “Baby Fever” is in full effect!

That weekend I also managed to edit and upload my Cranberry Banana Muffin Recipe video to Youtube on my second channel! If you haven’t checked it out, click here to view! It’s a quick, easy, and healthy recipe that only uses a bit of honey as a sweetener!

%image_alt%So then it was time to pack and move! Starting last Monday, earlier this week, Filipe and I have been packing up our teeny little one bedroom apartment to move into a slightly less-teeny two bedroom apartment! We need more space for our new arrival, which is due to arrive November 9th


So we’ve been going back and forth, moving boxes and trying to unpack as quickly as possible! I call it “Extreme Nesting!” Even though I’m exhausted, I have to admit, this is satisfying my urges to decorate and then some! I just can’t wait to get to Bobble’s room!

But then we had to stop halfway while packing because Filipe didn’t feel well. He was vomiting after every load of boxes he brought down the stairs! He actually made my dad, who was kind enough to come over and help us, flee in fear!! Ahhh! Lol, literally, as soon as my dad heard Filipe vomiting in the bathroom, he was like “…uh, I gotta go… got a meeting at 3!” LMBO!! So yea, we had to stop.

So I brought poor shivering Filipe to the ER room at the hospital later that night after it was evident that there was something seriously wrong with him. At this point, he had vomited a total of 11 times!


We were at the ER until about 1:30am and left after the nurses gave him anti-nausea medicine and fluids to keep him hydrated. By the next day he was feeling better again and back to his goofy ol’ self! And back to moving we went!


So I was happy to have Filipe healthy again and able to finish moving! But I did miss my new little munchkin, Julien! I wish I could be there with my sister right now holding Julien, but alas, I have other responsibilities…


So, so far so good on my end! The apartment is almost completed! I’m super excited but extremely exhausted from the move and from all of the events of the week!


If you noticed, the kitchen looks pretty similar to my old apartment, that’s because we’re in the same complex, just a new apartment!

So hang tight guys! I’ve got some videos up my sleeve for you, just gotta hurry and finish moving and I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled program!

If you want to stay up-to-date with everything going on, you can follow me on Instagram for daily photos and updates, just search @Naptural85 

I’ll talk to you guys soon!! Possibly a vlog update tomorrow!?! Hmmm… we’ll see!

XoXo! Whit

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How awesome that you and your sister are having babies around the same time! You get to share the experience and your babies will grow up together! Exciting I love it. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and wishing you a smooth delivery 🙂

When I saw the picture at first of you holding your nephew I was like OMG you had the baby! lol But that's so cool, me and my older sister have 'big' life events happen to both of us at the same time too. Hopefully we can do the baby thing at the same time too. Be safe and enjoy the rest! Because you won't get any when the little one arrives 😉 Best Wishes!

Ha ha ha I thought that was your baby how cute!!! I bet after all that your excited and anxious for bobble's to come.. I am loving the muffins I am going to half to try this recipe they look delicious…

I also thought your baby was born, that time has gone fast I'm sure not to you, your baby is due 4 days after my grand baby's birthday. 😉

Why is everyone getting sick this week??? My sister in law had to go to the ER too… I'm glad hes doing okay. Congrats to your sister! He is a cutie!!

Thanks for sharing your updates with us! It's so great to take a peek into your life and to see all the awesome things happening for you. I'm glad you're getting settled into your new place and that baby is just right around the corner. What a journey! I'm also glad Filipe is healthy too. I look forward to seeing your next vlog! Love and prayers to you and your Fam!

OMG you and your sister will have such a wonderful time sharing the joys of Mommyhood. Cannot wait to see your little one.

Im a November babe yeah … around where I live its so rare to find November babies idk why that is but Im excited to know that one of my fav hair care youtubers is potentially having a baby on my birthday … I feel so happy !!! <3

wow! you've been busy! November 9th is a day before my birthday! Gotta love the November babies. Congrats on your nephew; he's adorable! Glad to hear that you and Filipe are doing well and that you have a new and bigger place. Congrats on that also 🙂

Thanks for the update, i really enjoy watching your videos. Good luck with bobbles and congrats to your sister and her famiily- JuJu Bee, cute.

I thought I missed out when I see you were holding your nephew, phew!!! anyways you and Filipe keep strong and healthy, and give Julien a kiss for me:-)

Congrats to your sis. My son is Julian so I love his name 🙂 last stretch for you! All the best.

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