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Gas Station Food | Naptural85 Vlog

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Did you disclose the sex of your baby already? Or is this suppose to be a surprise? Anyway, you and your hubby are so cute and my boyfriend has two hats that are similar to Felipe's newsboy's cap. Haha.

I "think" I know Marjorie…She looks like my friend Carly's sister…if so…small freakin world! 🙂 Happy bump days! Enjoy

Hi ms. Nap85

Aaaahhhhhh! I'm having to resort to braids, because I split my ends! Regardless if I was wearing twist outs, or wash and go's, my ends were dry. I have all the creme products, oils/water combos in a spray bottle, etc., but nothing worked. I have had to go to my stylist to trim my ends, deep condition and get a soft flat iron (sorry 🙂 ) and then I would return to my natural the next week. But still to no avail. The results were the same.

I washed and deep conditioned yesterday, did a blow out just to check my ends, again. The ends had split all across my back!!!!

Before going natural, I considered myself as one who truly knew how to take care of her hair; whatever the stylist used, I would stock on my shelf as upkeep. But trying to rock my o-natural this time around has not been easy. Soooooo, I am going into braids for 3-6 months to give my hair a rest.

I think my hair is a 3 b/c. I say this because my hair varies in textures and thickness on all four side of my head! Where might I have error? Please advise!


Diane k

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