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Length Check #4 Natural Hair Growth

Hey Guys!

This has been a requested video for a while now! Hope you enjoy!

XoXo Whit

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Wow !!! That is awesome Whitney. I can't wait to be at that length…lol Keep it up beautiful!

~xoxo Nat~

Soooooooo excited for this new routine update!! As my hair's been getting longer I can't express how frustrating it's been to maintain the same routine! Pretty pumped to see what you've changed 🙂

Whitney, your hair is absolutely gorgeous!!! The growth has been phenomenol!!! Enjoyed the video and look forward to you sharing your new regimen. I also was impressed by the end of the video which showed comparisons of different styles/tutorials, etc. in two's as a matter of fact. 🙂 Keep on doing you Girl. You are an inspiration. Blessings!!!

Quick question, where did you get those earrings that you were wearing in you you tube video entitled "10 ways to tie a silk head scarf"??? They kept popping out to me and i have to ask because they have a natural look to them and blends so well with the styles that you were showing with the scarfs …Just beautiful


Love your hair! I have a question. The majority of my hair is growing very well BUT I'm having issues with the front portion. I'm having trouble retaining length in the front. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks Whit.

WOW!! So beautiful! I know I'm about to sound like a commercial, lol, but since I've started watching your videos I've noticed MUCH improvement in the health of my hair. I've been natural since June 2008, but it seems like I'd hit a growth ceiling. I didn't know why until my mother-in-law told me about your videos this past August, and now I see. The only time I used water on my hair was when I washed it every other week (with a shampoo full of sulfates!). I slept soundly on my cotton pillowcase every night with a head full of tangles. But now I've started co-washing once a week (which I love!). I use my Terressentials mud wash every other week, hot oil treat my hair before wash, and deep condition after. I also spray my hair with water thoroughly twice a day, and seal it in with the shea butter cream (made my everyday cream shea butter based, my hair doesn't like coconut oil). I've been doing this for almost 2 months and I already notice a BIG difference. My hair is softer and more moisturized. I think I even notice some growth too! But I was wondering, how do you do the voluminous curl style at the end of the video? It was absolutely gorgeous! My hair isn't quite as thick, it's more fine. But I'd still love to give it a try. Thanks!

Hey Whitney! Your hair is gorgeous as always. I am so excited to see what your new regimen is. I wonder if you are still using the Terresentials mud wash or if you've begun making your own version of their mud wash. I'd love to make my own mud wash to save in the shipping costs of Terressntials. Also, I wonder I you have considered trying Kimmaytube's new hair care line. I doublt it since her products aren't organic. Just curious though. I wish you and Fillipe the best! Congrats again on your little miracle. Seems like he/she will be here any day now. Very exciting!

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