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All NEW Everythang! Apartment and Baby | Naptural85 Vlog

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I love Simply Lemonade and all their "juices" without diluting them..don't judge me.. 🙂 however, I will try it with seltzer water and see how that is.

I love watchin your videos you and your husband crack me up so much lol 🙂 Congrats to you both on your new family, you guys are an adorable couple 🙂

You mentioned that you had bananas in the refrigerator, kept them in there too long and they went bad so you had to buy some new ones to make your banana muffins. You can put bananas in the freezer (with the skins on) and keep them there until you're ready to use them. When you're ready to make your muffins, just thaw them (you might have to drain any liquid that is created while they were frozen). It works great.

I don't know how I missed that you are expecting – CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm actually one day past my due date but feeling great. As for the Simply Lemonade – I not a soda drinker and a rare juice drinker so I dilute all of my juices with seltzer. So yummy.

I always look forward to your updates but am especially excited to share in the rest of your pregnancy. Feel free to swing by my blog and share in the joy.

Congratulations again!

I CANNOT WAIT for that chili recipe! It looks delicious! My husband and I have recently transitioned our family to a vegitarian diet, and being the family cook, I'm FAILING at vegitarian cooking. I think your chili will rescue me!

oh my gosh!!! ive been watching your videos for a while now and im so excited to hear and see that your having a little one . Cnograts to you and your boo!!! lol thanks a bunch youve helped make my hair journey less scarey


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