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At The Hospital!? | Naptural85 Vlog

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Hang in there! Glad you all are ok. PS Don't worry you'll get your ankles back! (Smile)

Peace and Blessings!

Hi Whitney and Filipe!

i love your channel and congrats on the all-new-everythangs! going on in your lives.

im not sure why im so curious/fixated about this (and i'm well aware its none of by business) but i noticed that neither you or felipe wear wedding rings…is there any particular reason???

Love you guys so much, feel like u r my family. Go with the contractions not against, and they wont hurt as much. I think though by the time you get this reply Bubbles will be here , healthy and about 7.5 lbs. Peace and Love to both of you and send vid's as soon as you can. Love you guys. Peace & Love

Hoping you have a safe delivery…but to speed up the process take some castor oil…or tell you doc to break your membranes…she will not have a choice but to come out… GOD Bless you guys

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