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Olivia’s Home! | Naptural85 Vlog

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Dear Whitney

Rest and dont overwork yourself. With High blood pressure you have to take care of yourself and TAKE YOUR MEDS. It will help! Luv & Hugs, a Curl Friend. You guys had a great idea to get your sleep around Baby Olivia.

That lil baby is so cute. Dont wirry she'll be awake almost all the time in a month. Big ups to Hubbs he's doing a great job–let him

Congratulations Whitney & Filipe!! Olivia is GORGEOUS! Hang in there Whitney! I don't want to freak you out, just make sure you're taking it easy and that your doctor is monitoring your heart size (making sure it goes down after delivery). It will be Nov 15 2013 before you know it, so enjoy this precious time. <3

Congratulations you guys she is soo beautiful!! Olivia please get plenty of rest, whenever you can to help with the high blood pressure and don't forget to take your medication. I will keep you in my prayers. You & Felipe look like two proud parents and I know that you are both going to do a great job in raising her.

Congratulations! Olivia is absolutely beautiful. Please continue to take care of yourself. That's one of the best gifts you can give your daughter (and husband).

Breastfeeding is hard work. It takes a lot of determination and patience, but the benefits to your baby are totally worth it. Stick with it. You can do it. I breastfed my son for something like 17 or 18 months (I lost track after a while) and some days were really bad and difficult and painful, but looking back on it, I wouldn't have done it any other way and I'm glad that he and I had that time together. They grow up so fast.
Take care of you so you can take care of her. Sleep deprivation makes everything so much worse.
And when you feel totally alone, remember that you are not the first mom and that there are many others who are also going through what you're going through. There are many "mommy blogs" online that kept me laughing and sane when I thought I was going to go absolutely nuts.
You're a great mom already!

Blessings to your new family. Whitney you are a natural hair genious, business woman – wife and now mom. enjoy. also just a tip from observation. That petal looking pillow is cute. but I would remove any pillow- ask you doctor/ nurse/ research and make your own decision. Not to scare you you but… sids – sudden infant death syndrome sometimes comes from pillows and even the padding around the crib.

OMG Whitney I am so in love with your beautiful family it's ridiculous!! You have the most beautiful baby and a wonderful husband. I am sorry but now you have to vlog for the rest of your life!! lol many blessings to you guys!!

Omg!!!! She is adorable and God Bless you all!:) You totally have your hands full but your husband and you baby comes first, so everything will be great! Felipe looks so thrilled to be a father:) Exciting!

Congratulations!! What a beautiful family… It's so exciting to see you doing things the RIGHT way, and in order: the mom & dad married and THEN the baby. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!! πŸ™‚

Congrats on your beautiful family. Baby Olivia is so beautiful…just like her parents.

omggggg…that video is sooo freakin' cute. your baby is precious, your hubby is hilarious, and i love when your cat rubbed his/her face against the baby's hat. cat's are so intuitive.

Congratulations Whitney on your new bundle of joy; she is so precious. I hope you feel better soon. Since your having problems breast feeding maybe you can pump the milk and use a bottle which may be less stressful due to your health.

Check with your doctor to make sure that the chemicals effects from the blood pressure medicine is not being released into your breast milk; just a pre-caution for baby Olivia. I know you enjoy the natural things in life; google foods that can naturally lower your blood pressure such as fresh grapefruit you can pulp or eat it, but do not eat if your on blood pressure medication because it may lower your blood pressure too low. Also, raw chopped onions and garlic will lower it within hours <– you may stink for a while but the benefits out way the smell.

Good luck & God bless your family.

P.S. Love your blog.

My heart melted when Filipe said, "there's no other place I'll rather be right now," while holding Olivia. Soooo cute!

Dear Whitney, I've not posted a single comment on your site before today, but let me just say I really enjoy your videos (and my brand spanking new TWA thanks you), and your cheerful and optimistic personality. Congratulations on your sweet bundle of joy.

Right, so why I'm here… I have a couple of suggestions/tips that may be of use to you.


I'm the mother of a 1-yr-old, and I just finished breastfeeding about a month ago. I had real problems in the beginning, too, including bloody nipples and a lot of pain. I was terrified to feed him, and I shuddered whenever he started to root. I truly understand what you are going through, and it's not pretty. Am I right? So:

1. It WILL get better. No one will tell you this, but I think your nipples get tough over time (not actually hard, but the skin gets hardy and resilient; I hope that makes sense), so the nipples will become less sensitive to irritation and the skin won't break or bruise as easily as before. The hard part comes in where it hurts like whoa, and there is no end in sight. And you don't know if it will ever end. And with your blood pressure, any stress is bad stress. So, again, let me assure you that IT WILL PASS on its own, even if you don't do anything.

2. It can take a long [enough] time to pass, though, so maybe you want to do something about it. I received a lot of tips regarding how to help my son get a good latch. Some really worked well. I'd like to share them with you.

a) Rub the nipple on Olivia's lips, and if she's hungry she'll open her mouth to eat. Wait till she opens wide, THEN stick the nipple in. Waiting till she opens wide is the best way for her to get on as far as possible, and I also think doing it this way teaches the baby that this is what she needs to do all the time. The baby will form a habit, I think, and it will be clear to her when she doesn't open her mouth as widely that, hmmm… I get more milk, more easily when I open wider. That was my son… I could see that he understood at some point, and I didn't have to entice him anymore. This is probably the most common tip mothers are offered.

b) As you put the nipple in Olivia's mouth, point the nipple up towards the roof of her mouth. It's like a sweet spot for babies and encourages them to suck the nipple in as far as it will go (which is what you want – it most likely hurts a lot because she's sucking mostly on the nipple and has not gotten enough of the areola). Ideally, you want her mouth to cover most if not all of the areola.

c) If she doesn't get enough of the areola when you put her on, you can help her make an adjustment without pulling her off to start again. This one helped me the most. (Starting over? Bah, humbug!) Simply put your thumb OR forefinger on her face (chin area), just below her bottom lip and tug firmly until her mouth opens some more. When she widens her mouth mid-suck, she will automatically suck in more of the breast, and then you should find that the pain eases.

d) Until you and Olivia have things figured out, it would be great if you had something to soothe your nipples. I have two things for you:
Motherlove Nipple Cream – It's the best one out there for soothing the skin and for pain relief, in my opinion, and I tried several – I really hope it works for you if you decide to try it, otherwise my credibility is shot. πŸ™‚
Aloe vera – It's best if you can get the real thing to rub directly on the nipple – then, just rinse thoroughly with water before feeding. I also found that cutting off a little piece of the flesh of the plant and putting it directly on the nipple for a few hours until the next feeding time really encouraged healing and gave me some pain relief. If you can't get it, the gel should do, and maybe the juice will work, too.

Okay, I wish you the best of luck with breastfeeding. When it settles down, and you both finally get it, it's really an enjoyable experience for mother and baby. You'll be like, I can't wait till she's hungry again!


The other issue I want to deal with is the high blood pressure. I don't have high blood pressure. In fact, I have the opposite, to the point that when I was preggers the doctor asked me how I was standing there, because I should have been on the floor in a faint. My pressure was that low. However, I have other serious health concerns that have been greatly alleviated with diet. I'm not a doctor, but I read a lot, and I have to, because doctors don't give you dietary suggestions as much as they should. They prefer to throw drugs at you. So, I had to find solutions on my own, otherwise I'd be on steroids, or something, for the rest of my life (so not going there).

Along the way, I also discovered that there were items in my diet that were lowering my blood pressure in a bad way, and had to completely cut them out for a while. Those two foods might help you: they are garlic and coconut water. They're not miracle drugs. They work well over time. So, keep taking your meds, continue following your doc's advice, and just add garlic (raw) and coconut water to your diet a little at a time and increase as you go along. Don't ever overdo them, though, because I know for certain that the enzymes in garlic can pass into the breastmilk, and you don't want Olivia affected. After a while, you should find that your blood pressure will start to decrease slowly.

There might also be a pleasant additional side effect. Garlic can alleviate congestion due to colds or sinus problems, and also boosts your immune system, helping to stop colds, flu, and certain infections (including yeast infections) before they start. Garlic is like a superfood. πŸ™‚ And, I found with my baby that the garlic had the same effect on him (re. the congestion and colds and immunity-boosting effect) when he got it through my milk. He's only had two colds this year when my husband and I and everyone around us have had four or five (we had sudden changes in weather and temperature this year). Our country also had a Dengue fever outbreak, and we moved house right in the middle of it, and weren't aware of the mosquito situation in the new neighbourhood. Conclusion: our son was getting bitten ALL over his body the first night in the new house, alone in his new room, and we had no idea until morning. He got some serious exposure to the virus, and yet he only had the fever for four days (children of four other families we know had it for 10-14 days, and a few of them even ended up in hospital). And, though he was a little weak and his appetite was down a bit, he was nowhere near as out of it as these other children, and he was the youngest of them (only 10 mths old at the time). So, I swear by garlic's immunity-boosting effects.

Lastly, a little moderate exercise helps to lower blood pressure. You just had a baby, so YOU CANNOT EXERCISE NOW. I just wanted to stress that. You have to wait a few months until your doctor gives you the all clear. Then, if you incorporate regular, consistent, moderate exercise into your lifestyle, it will also help to improve your pressure over time.

In the meantime, carve out a few minutes each day to sit alone and breathe. You can go out on the balcony if you have one, or just go into a room in the house by yourself. Sit in a comfy chair, put your feet up, or soak them in warm water (or cool, if they're swollen) for five minutes or so, and just breathe. Think on all the wonderful things you have, like your family, and just push worry and stress aside. It helps to take the last minute of your "holiday" and plan how you will respond differently to your usual stressors when they pop up. This should help you build a new habit of not freaking out or stressing out when things come up. I know firsthand just how hard it is to consider finding 5 minutes for yourself, but even if you do it just before you go to bed after everyone/everything is settled (seems counter-intuitive, because bed means rest, but you rest better if you're relaxed, anyway), you must take the time to de-stress. It is the most important thing you can do for your blood pressure.

Looooooong message, I know, and I'm sorry. I understand how hard it is, and I just really wanted to share, and hopefully be of help to you, like you've helped so many of us. So, forgive me?

I wish you and your family great joy and abundance. Good luck.

Shalalee, a fellow first-time mother in the trenches

Hi Whitney

Congratulations! Your daughter is Beautiful. Hang in there with the breast feeding. It is hard at first (I know, I've breast fed four children) but usually after the first two weeks your nipples toughen up, Lol (for a lack of better words) and it doesn't hurt so bad. Your body just has to get used to it. They do have ointments for the soreness in the meantime. Good luck. πŸ™‚

Also just wanted to say that I love your natural hair tips post, that is why I first visited your site & now I also enjoy watching you & Filipe & now Olivia. You guys are too cute and funny. You have a beautiful family. Cherish & continue to enjoy them.

congrats!!!! what an adorable family you have. as a newly natural and newlywed, i'm looking forward to my own beautiful hair and beautiful baby! πŸ™‚

and to shalalee, i really enjoyed your post. good stuff.

Hi I LOVE YOUR VIDEO AWESOME. If you don't worry I'm a child I'm nine years if you follow Imdatnatrualgirl youtube thats my mother I know awesome.Congrats on you beautiful baby girl Oliva if I'm right so bye

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