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Pregnancy Complications | Naptural85 Vlog

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Yes! I so agree ^^^^. I know you probably hear it all the time, but it's true. I love how caring and supportive Filipe is.You guys were a family before but with sweet little Olivia here it just completes (for lack of a better term) the picture somehow. You guys are always in good spirits, smiling and laughing and that's the way to be. I love watching you guys, its like my own guilty pleasure…my dose of REAL reality tv, lol. But stay blessed, get rest (lol) and don't stress. Take care of yourself! You guys set an amazing example, all around.

I love you guys videos. They are soo inspirational! You have a beautiful family. Olivia is too cute!! and Whitney please take it easy. Watch movies, relax whatever you enjoy doing to keep your blood pressure under control.

Just checking on our most favorite hair Goddess- Guru- Wife- Mommy … I am praying for you Whitney and your loely fam.. I too had pre eclampsia- blood pressure protein in the urine etc. – Had c- section- – feel your pain. However I am way older than you. I discovered about 2 years ago that am pre diabetic– first and forem ost follow doctor's orders. With that being said. my doctor wanted to put me on meds. I am not in any way suggesting you go against what doc says especially nursing and with your hormones doing their thing. But, I got my situation under control with diet, exercise and hibuscus and green tea- several times a day. I use stevia when I rarely sweeten things. Carbs like the macaroni- not good. Please research alternative medicines along with tradtitional options. It's like hair- use wisdom. Keeping you guys in prayer.

Hi there! Olivia is so precious, I wish I could just hold her (not trying to be creepy, I promise). Seriously though, please rest! I can't stress this enough and by rest I mean lay horizontal in a bed for most of the day. Preeclampsia is different from the standard "high blood pressure". I had this disease with my first two children and blood pressure can come down with bed rest, so please lay down because this is nothing to mess with. My blood pressure is normally around 95/60, but when I'm with child it skyrockets especially if I'm not laying down a lot. Also, make sure you are getting enough protein, it does seem to help. If you don't like eating too much meat then try whey protein (grass-fed, cold processed is best). Unfortunately doctors don't seem to know much about this disease and you are unlikely to encounter many women that have had it. Dont want to scare you with any crazy stories, but I am praying for you and your health. Please rest as much as possible until this resolves, as the continued HBP can affect your organs. You may want to check out preeclampsia.org.

I hope the breastfeeding is going okay. I know how hard that can by, I had a really difficult time with my first and ended up exclusively pumping for 13 months. I hope things are going well! Rest and enjoy those cuddly times with that babe. 🙂

Hey, Nap! This is my first comment but I have been benefiting from your YouTube videos for a few months now. I have been natural since college, 1998 or 1997. Now I have three naps and one one the way! You almost had me in tears with this video! I'm not a crier, not even with pregnancy! You and your hubby are adorably sweet! I just can't stand it! Take your moms, doctors and husbands advise……..CHILLAX!!! Thank you for all the videos and tips. I look forward to more in the furture (but not too soon!). Don't know you but I send sincere love!
Arshella, mom-to-the-4th-degree

I will be keeping my thoughts and prayers with you and your family. This was our issue 6 years ago but we made it thru the rough times and so will you. Keep the faith.

Be Blessed

I work hard all week long. I can't wait till the weekend to see
what's going on in your life. I feel like we are sisters. My hair
journey hasn't been bad since I found you. Thank God. Love ya

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