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Different Ways to Wear Your Beanie Hat with Natural Hair

Hey Guys!

I’m obsessed with my Beanie Hats! I wear them every season no matter how hot or cold, but especially in the winter time! Here’s a couple of tips on different ways you can wear them with your natural hair for style and for protection from the elements! Hope it helps!

XoXo Whit

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Thanks for the beanie hat tutorial. All those hats look very nice. You have given me so many options for styles with the beanie hat. I can't wait to try them. Too bad I am in the transition stages. I have a long way to go to reach your hair length, It's only been 6 months for me, but these videos keep me strong. No more relaxers! lol Thanks Whitney!!

Thanks for the tutorial on the satin cap! It is exactly what I decided to do. I also found that the oils/shea butters in my hair were making my hats get dirty quite quickly! So it is definitely a good idea- very well presented! I'm off to do the same!

I have a twa. How a can I wear a hat without mashing my hair? My hair is too short for a protective style. Or, what can I do after coming in from outside to unmash my hair?

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