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Pacquiao Time Queen! | Naptural85 Vlog

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I wish i could kiss her little feet, but i fear my 3 year old son would be jealous LOL. Olivia is soooo ADORABLE!!!! every time i leave a comment i say that..lol Just beautiful! She is a blessed child and she is going to do great things:) You'll see!

Aw, Miss Olivia is so freaking adorably cute. You guys are great parents! Fillippe makes me catch my breath when he plays with her but babies are more resilient than they seem. Thanks for sharing your life with us, Whitney & Fillippe! Girl, with all that hair and a newborn, you're good!

If you're still looking for less expensive natural hair care products for the little one, I'm a fan of Gabriel Cosmetics – Clean Kids Naturally. They have a shampoo and detangler (which smell amazing – like orange sherbet and banana taffy…mmm) that I use for myself. And not that it matters much for a newborn, but the detangler has excellent slip! Nope – don't have any babies, but I fell in love when I saw the ingredients.

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