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Quick Fishtail Braid Out | Second Day Natural Hair

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I love all your videos!!!! You are all I look at when I am not doing my hair I watch because I want to see what magnificent style you are going to come up with. I noticed that you make some of your products and wanted to know if you have any suggestions on where I could find hair dye that has no chemicals in it. I have recently become allergic to hair dye and my hair has been gray since I was 15. I love my natural hair journey but I do not love the black, gray and red combinations in my hair after I wet it and put the shea butter on it. If you have any suggestions can you please run some my way.

Thank You!!!

P.S Olivia is Beautiful

You are such an inspiration to me. I am currently wearing sew-ins and I'm struggling with the damaged hair that covers my tracks and the healthier hair that's braided up underneath my weave. I haven't relaxed my hair in a little over 2 years and had originally planned to blow dry my hair straight in lieu of relaxing when I got rid of weaving. I am now realizing how much damage the blow drying has done to my hair. What used to be a prep for releasing the weaves has now become prep for embracing the natural me, texture and all! I look forward to a lot more of your great videos and styles. You are, in a word, awesome. God bless you!

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