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Wild and Sexy Stretched Curls | No Heat Natural Hair

Hey Guys!

This one’s perfect for Valentine’s Day! A wild and sexy look using Curlformers Heatless Curling Rods! 

XoXo! Whit

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if you don't mind me asking, what is your ethnicity? your hair, skin & facial features are absolutely beautiful!

I noticed that your hair was longer than curlformers in the crown where your hair grows longest. I'm curious if you are affiliated with a particular natural hair show? I will be attending the ATL World Natural Hair convention in April.

Curlformers are my new favorite styling tool! I recently cut my hair from waist length to shoulder length in an attempt to grow healthier curls (the bottom 6 inches of my hair were heat damaged so I removed it all, and then some). I think I have more 3b/4b hair (really frizzy, but more tight wave than an actual ringlet). So once I install the curl formers with a little leave in and a dab of Eco Styler gel I either sit under the drier for an hour or I leave in over night. When I take them out, instead of collecting them all together, I will just pin curl each one…I leave that in for at least 5 hours (I usually do this on the weekend or on an evening when I know I dont need to leave the house)…and on my hair that creates a very similar affect as Whit's. To maintain this look I will re-pincurl my hair each evening…a few days before wash day I will just collect the curls and put them in two buns (really loose waves). Its awesome, I can maintain that for about 10 days – two weeks and all I need to do is finger comb the hair. One modification…if I go to the gym and my roots get wet, instead of using pincurls, I will put about 8-10 flexirods in my hair, that keeps my roots stretched and by the next morning my curls are back to perfect.

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