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How To Maintain Stretched Natural Looking Curls | Natural Hair

Hey Guys!

A follow up to my Wild and Sexy Curls Tutorial, here’s how I maintain my stretched curly styles! Also, how to get natural looking curls for an entire week with your natural hair! I hope it helps! 

XoXo! Whit

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I was wondering how did you modify the Denman brush in your Updated Routine video?


Hi Whitney. your hair is so pretty. Do you still use flaxseed gel? I was watching the video and I love the music playing in the background. What is that song? I would love to know.
Thanks so much, keep up the beautiful work with your hair.

Hi again ! I was reading my post and I think its unclear. I would like to to know the song playing in the background of your flaxseed gel video where you are making it. Thanks again. You are a great inspiration.

Hi Whitney!

Great video! I was wondering if you're ever tried the coconut cream relaxer (more like a deep conditioner) ?

Its not a relaxer of course, but they say it helps loosen curls.


Anyone can get the curls like above if going to see this video. This video is really good and may be helpful for those who want to keep the curls in the head and can be astonishing also. Coconut gel can also help out in these process directly without harming the hair exactly.

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