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My Essential Baby Buys | Newborn Survival Kit

Hey Guys!
This video was requested a lot from you guys, so here it is! My Essential Baby Buys! Everything I didn’t regret buying for my newborn! Lol, just kidding… But I would definitely be lost without these items. So if you’re an expecting mom or dad, a new mom or just a confused parent, this video should help! Also, for anyone wondering what to put on your baby registry, or looking to buy the perfect baby shower present! I hope this video helps!
XoXo Whit

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Hi Whitney,

Thanks for sharing such a great video! I especially love all the useful and FREE goodies. 🙂

Did you have a baby registry? Just wondering what your experience was like.


Thank you so much whit for sharing this. My sis had a baby 2 months ago and although she lives so far from me, I'll pass on your ideas to her.

Just wanted to say that I love your blog! I have twin girls who are a few days older than your sweet baby. I can't wait to see what you do with her hair. I use your methods on my 4b and my oldest's 3c/4a hair and they are really helpful. Congrats to yoou and hubby!

I think that these can be the best baby thing for a newborn. I can say that these are the best registries items which we can think of giving for any diaper program or for our own babies. I say that these are the prerequisites for every baby and really these forms an awesome gifts for the little toddler.

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