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Quick Bad Hair Day Fix | Natural Hair

Hey Guys!

Oooh boy, we all have them! Those “end-of-style, should-really-wash, but gotta-stretch-it-one-more-day” hair days! Well, don’t bun it up just yet! Here’s a quick and easy style that’ll mask that bad hair day and still allow you to wear your hair out! 

XoXo! Whit

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Hi, Whitney how do I find out what's my hair type? I have maybe two or three different textures in my hair. I've been natural my whole life, but I never had an interest in doing my hair or the patience. Since I was twelve my hair has been in a ponytail, besides the times my mom or a friend would braid my hair. Now I have a daughter who is four years old and her texture is way different from mine, so sometimes my plan of a attack is different with her hair. I have a softer loose curl then hers. I stopped purchasing the drying shampoos, conditioners, gel, and processed hair oil about a year ago. I want to retain length, and healthier hair for my daughter and myself. Thank you for your blog and your videos they are very helpful especial for someone who always wears ponytails, but slowly changing. And thank you for your knowledge and detailed videos.

Whitney, I love all of these styles and admire your creativity. These all look so easy. I must say your hair is really gorgeous!!! Thanks for being such an inspiration!!! 🙂

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