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The Ski Trip | Naptural85 Vlog

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am trying to grown my hair natural but I've started to have lots of white hair not ready to go grey yet am only 41yrs of age

@Grey Hair – try Henna!! I hear it covers grey, it's actually on a lot of natural hair care blogs as part of a hair growth regimen (for non greys). Look at Naptural85's hair growth video – all her stuff works magic! I have one strand of grey – and plan on using henna if it start's to sprout sisters.

Hey Naptural85!! My hair is growing baby!! BUT – THE EGG, MAYO and Honey is making a mess of my clothes – 2 eggs, lots of mayo and some honey – I tried to follow the video to a T…but it just keep running down my face and back??? What me ah do wrong?? lol – love yuh!!

@Grey hair – Look for the authentic Indian brands – it might take aprox three tries before full coverage on grey hair. However – some ladies who embrace their grey hair – look amazing, I love seeing women with grey, long,natural, healthy hair, it automatically makes me think, 'this woman is elegant, comes from an amazing home, with lots of love and nurture.' Most of the things we don't like – when we it embrace it – it sprouts amazing, unexpected beauty….U might want to rock the grey – like no one else lady! 🙂

@ Naptural 85 I added honey in my water bottle with a splash of olive oil (water daily regimen) – um.. I love it! Honey – who knew! When I added the shea butter to twist my hair the curls where more defined than norm ( I have a TWA). I put the plastic cap on with my satin bonnet for the "Green House" affect, last night….so this morning my hair feels a tiny bit sticky from OD'ng on some more honey in my shea butter (lol, I'm a scientist) – but my hair is far from dry! Um, thanks for the inspiration….it ah wok "mon."

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