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Postpartum Shedding on My Natural Hair

Hey Guys!

You’ve been asking me about Postpartum Shedding, and the effects pregnancy has on your natural hair, a lot! So here’s my experience with it so far!

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Telogen effluvian is the culprit. I lost tons of hair around the edges for months once my baby was approx. 4-4 months old. Nothing you can do about.

hi.Early last year i was proposed to.However at around may I had cut my hair off. No biggie it was the 3rd time. But it created a huge problem. What would I do? To style my hair for december. Well I hoped and prayed. I never had my hair growing slower than then. And to make it worse it was full of split ends. But because I needed any hair, I ignored it. In december the hairdresser just about gave me the oK for a weave on. And once again I prayed that having my hair on a weave would allow rest and no splits. I took care of it as well as i did when i was out. However at the time to take the weave out it was disastrous…. The split ends seem to go from the scalp with the worse at the tips. That's the situation I am in right now. loads of damaged hair. I don't know what to do.?! I am thinking to cut it but my mum seems to have a heart attack everytime i meant cut all my hair off Again… I don't mind actually i think is the best thing out of the whole situation. but i dont want to distress her this time… what should i do?.

My hair shed in the exact same place and way my 1st pregnancy. I didn't mind it as much either, the annoying part is as it grows back because when I pull my hair back, I have all these short temple hairs. Then, I got braids at a certain point post pregnancy and I had a lot of breakage there because the new hair is so fragile. So now I have about 4 inches of hair there, compared to 9 of my normal hair and I'm just really careful with it. I'm pregnant again now, 8 weeks to go!, and I'm hoping this time it might be different, but not too sure if its actually something I can control.

I lost my hair in the temples after my pregnancy, too. I was cool with that. THEN I lost a bunch in the crown! Luckily, my hair was long enough that my stylist could hide the short spot and blend it as it grew back. Ack!

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