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My Favorite Products For Natural Hair | Updated 2013

Hey Guys!

Possibly one of the most requested videos this year! I promised I would update you all with My Favorite Products for my Natural Hair! So here it is! Everything I currently love using on my hair to care for it and keep it healthy and moisturized! I hope it helps!

XoXo! Nap

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When do you use your liquid oil mixture and when do you use the shea butter mixture? Is the liquid oil for daily use and the shea butter for specific hair styles?
I was also wondering how you got your new shea butter mixture as an in between. Do you add more oil to your recipe? Can you make an updated shea butter mixture recipe?

I'd love to see the videos you are referencing, but the links to not work. Can you add them into the video?

Whitney, there are links under the video: the text is faded. The DIY Homemade Recipes is a great one.

Great video as always! I will definitely check out the Trader Joe's conditioner as I tend to fly through bottles as well!


Thanks for sharing this video! One of my girlfriend's favorite products for her natural hair are Motions hair products because every time she has used them, they have always made her hair look great. She has used a lot of different hair products in the past, but she has been looking her best lately.

Do you know of a diy moisturizing protein free condition? Love you videos, personality, and hair!!!

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