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How To Wash Curly Natural Hair | Updated 2013

Hey Guys!

A lot has changed in how I wash my natural hair! My hair can get really dry and because it’s longer, and older, needs a bit more care. Check out how I use my homemade hair products such as, ACV Rinse, Mayo Deep Conditioner, Homemade Mud Clay Wash, Homemade Hair and body oil, the Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle conditioner, and aloe vera juice! I hope this helps!

XoXo! Whit

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Hi! When is the video of how you made your mud wash going to be put up? I would like to try my hand at trying to make myself some 🙂


Hope all is well.
May I request for a video !?

In your recent blogs, you and your husband have been heading to the gym. And working it out ! 🙂
I saw your "Swimming with natural hair" post last summer. And I don't believe you have tackled the topic of how you maintain your hair (before/after) a workout . I am planning to get my body back " in order " but want to keep the hair in respectable shape without re-washing/re-styling multiple times a week. 😛 The last time I worked out "hard" was during my TWA phase. Now, my hair is almost shoulder length. Thanks for your time. And appreciate ALL your videos.

Best to your family !


Hey Whitney,

Great video and thanks for all the work you put in, especially educating us naturals. It is very much appreciated. You're the one natural that I follow consistently and wholeheartedly. Your hair is gorgeous! I want to know more about your mud wash when you have the time. Thanks again.


I was wondering if you are doing anymore contest/giveaways for your favorite products anytime soon ?

I had the same question as Jessica about the Mud wash. I would love to learn how to do that. 🙂

In the video,,you mentioned the recipe for the mud wash. However, I didn't see a link for it. Did I miss it somehow! Thanks

Hey Whit, That's alot of shower time. Any tips on how to cut down on shower time?

Great Work!!

Question for ya: Can this wash and conditioner work on dreads, or would you suggest something else? And, do you suggest the same type of washing style if you do think your natural products would work on dreads? I'm trying to do natural alternatives for my dread to help strengthen the hair because it bundles in the ends and falls off; also to avoid certain ingredients meant for dandruff, but tend to destroy your hair (sulfate). I think my hair is thinning at the top area because of bad hair care.

If you want to have amazing hair – once a week, a masque would be a great idea…look for a product that has hydrolyzed collagen and amino oil in it.

Hello, can you advise as to your pre and post work out hair regime? Thank you sooo much!
Truly inspired!

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