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I Heard You! Here’s Your Free Download!

Hey Guys!

I’m so happy you’re all liking the daily vlogs! I’m having a blast recording and editing them!

In one of my recent vlogs, The VERDICT on Daily Vlogs! April 2, 2013, I  created a quick Food & Chore Chart and had it printed and laminated. A lot of you guys liked the idea and wanted the downloadable link for the file, for your own use at home!

Well, as usual… I gotchu!! So I’m providing the downloadable link below, along with another chart that I created to organize my Monthly Bills! These are both extremely simple and basic charts that I created in about 15 minutes, but I’ve found them to be really helpful

So I’ll show you guys how I use these in an upcoming Daily Vlog, but until then, feel free to download and use how you like! Also, it helps to have it laminated, with a hard laminate, so that you can write and erase on it with a dry-erase marker!

So get to downloading!! I’ll see you soon, and of course, I hope this helps!

XoXo!! Whit

Weekly Food & Chore Chart: Download Here!

Monthly Bills Chart: Download Here!


Reader Comments

Thanks for this! the bills one will especially help me know exactly where my money is going

I am glad you are enjoying making them, I hope you save the unedited ones with Olivia since they are nice to just have as family home videos.=D Plenty of cute moments to send to her grandparents and family. ^^

Omg, thanks alot Whitney this is great! Can't wait to see how you put yours to use.

Thank you Whit i needed the bill chart so now my husband can keep up with whats due.Thank you again.

Thanks, Whitney
You Rock! I appreciate it, I'm visual as well so this will help.

I love watching your videos as i am also a new parent and thank you for the calendar! I am quite sure that they will be of much help for me when it comes to organization.

Also just a little FYI, our babies are exactly one year apart (November 15, 2011) 🙂

WHITNEY YOU'RE A GOD-SEND! I made my husband go with me to Office Depot to get these laminated on a rainy Sunday. He loved the idea of the bill chart! We did the chore chart in 11 by 17 which gave me more space to fill in the boxes. They are both a great idea. Thanks soooo much. Keep ideas coming for us "type a" people who love lists!

Thanks so much Whit. I will be going to Staples to laminate. One question…., on the Weekly Food and Chore Chart, Do you have a chart that does not have the rooms listed (blank)? Or can you tell me how to delete your rooms so I can insert my room to be cleaned. Thanks again

Hi Whitney, I was wondering were you going to put the download for your cleaning chart. I would love that one too, I'm a slob. Lol 🙂

On the Monthly Bills chart, What exactly do you use the "IMPORT/DATES" section for?

(I bet it means something so simple and self-explanatory lbs)

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