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DIY Homemade Clay Hair Cleanser Recipe | Mud Wash Comparable to Terressentials

Hey Guys!

As promised, here’s my basic recipe to make all natural clay hair cleanser! This Clay wash, or mud wash, is comparable to my favorite brand of hair wash, Terressentials Organic Hair Wash, but a DIY version you can make at home! I’ve added just the bare necessities needed to make this amazingly gentle, and clarifying homemade hair cleanser [shampoo]! So I hope it helps!

XoXo! Nap

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Hello Whitney,
I would like to make this mud wash but I have a question if I may? With regards to the nettle leaf oil where do you purchase it from as the link you provided I called them and they only have it in powder form. Please let me know where I can purchase the oil from.


I think I'm going to try to start making my own hair stuff. Buying products can get expensive!

Whitney, you are a God send. I have been washing my hair with clay for a while, but I was still eager to see how you mixed yours. I was shocked that you put your oils in before aloe Vera juice and decided to try it. Girl, you are a genius!!! My hair is so moisturized now!! And it stays that way for days, whereas before, I had to re-moisturizer every couple of days. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Just love all the wonderful things Ive learned from you about caring for my natural hair. I'm really interested in making this cleanse for myself but am having trouble finding a couple items which I'm hoping you can give me a suggestion on where to find it…..I think one of the oils you specified was Linden Flower Oil, if this is so, I can't find it ANYWHERE, please, please help, where can i find this or have I gottent it worng…….Also, want to be clear that you used Meadowfoam seed oil. I was able to find this oil but wanted to be sure I had the right oil.

Thanks so much in advance…..

Are you referring to Nettle Extract and Linden Flower Extracts? Mountain Rose Herbs (my main source for my business-AWESOME company) sells both and it looks like the ones in your video are from there. If so, they are alcohol extracts and I was wondering if the alcohol was drying to your hair?

Have you ever entertained the thought of making your own Nettle Oil & Linden Flower Oil by infusing the herbs in a natural oil of your choosing?

Hello Ntural sistah, I'm sold & just bought everything I needed make my own products! I'm super excited & can't wait to let you know how it works with my hair! I too am hair type 4a all over & 4b crown, I've been natural since 2008 as well, but I always kept my hair in weave. It's long, but it's so dry & frizzy that I'm too scared to let lose & wear it out! Currently I've been twisting it, hopefully your advice will get it to lay down more & not feel so dry & damaged! Thank you!!!


Another natural Diva in dying need of help!! =))

So I recently did my big chop and I love your youtube I won a give away from another youtuber and I was given terresentals and that started my search for answers and a cheaper product and of course I found your mud wash after I started digging Into rhassoul and bentonite clays… my question is have you ever mixed the two clays together in one mud wash and whats your ideas on that

Where do I see the answers to the comments/questions? I am new to this, sorry if it a dumb question. I cannot find nettle OIl either, only extracts which are alcohol.

Can someone post the ingredients? I tried asking on Facebook but have not gotten a response. Thanks!

I tried this wash, my hair were shedding like crazy. My hair has never experienced this type of shedding, since being in its natural state .
I wonder why? Does anyone have any suggestion ?

Hello, should I still pre-poo before using this wash? Also, I found all the ingredients on amazon… kinda pricey, but worth a shot. I'm just getting a few ingredients at a time.

Hello, I'm wondering what should I do starting from daily, to weekly, to monthly. Now I think I've been basically natural except when I straighten my hair(flat iron) every once in a while. I usually just put my hair in a bunch of plats and wear it wrapped almost all day everyday and once a week take them down grease scalp and hair and put them back up. I wash my hair every three or four months. Right now my hair is straightened I'm already starting to eat healthy and I plan on exercising when I'm able to after I have my baby due march 12 but I want to start your hair routine right after I have her so I hope you get this and you can help me thanks bye

WhatΒ΄s the last oil??
I didnt understand very well because i dont speak english. Im from Angola, in Africa.
Please its urgent


I want to try this out but was wondering if anyone had the specific ingredient list and measurements to make the mixture. Any help would be great! Thanks πŸ™‚

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