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DRAW MY LIFE! | Naptural85

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Hey Whitney, I absolutely love your videos!!!!! Your hair videos has really taught me how to manage my natural hair!! Btw, I've been natural my whole life..lol I'm ashamed that it took 22 years for me to learn how to take care of my hair..lol You are sooo awesome and have a strong work ethic!!! Keep up the good work!!!! I also like you vlogs!!! You and your husband are freakin hilarious!!!!! Take care!!!

Absolutely, love your videos. Draw My life was absolutey great!!! Who knew you and Filipe met in highschool? Ya'll go way back. Awesome!!! Everything makes so much since now… Your creativity with hair, Your artistry, Your graphic design background, You're an Artist!!! Keep those Creative Juices flowing!!!

Hey! I love your hair videos! I watch them all the time and saw that you were a little unsuccessful on straightening it. You might want to try Aveda's Smooth Fusion Naturally straight styling crème. Could you please do a video on that? I tried looking up other tutorials, but they were al on people with hair 2a-2c

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