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Easy Homemade Baby Food Using Everyday Kitchen Tools

Hey Guys!

It’s extremely easy to make your own baby food at home! No need to buy special tools, or baby-specific items! In this video, I’ll show you how to make easy baby food at home, with items you probably already have in your kitchen! So I hope you give it a try, and I hope it helps!

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my son is 7 months old an I also make his food and love it! I generally bulk cook on Sunday my son,baby b likes his sweet potatoes baked I over bake them so all you have to do is smash them an they are good to go. Avocados are in sale this week so I'll be making those for him they are full of good nutrients

Parents are always a little worried about the baby foods therefore they used to choose or go for organic baby foods that helps to develop their baby all round growth; but instead of searching baby foods in the market we must make it from our home also; while following certain guidelines and instruction we are able to prepare and serve a quality baby food.

Awesome! My daughter has outgrown baby food but I will keep this in mind as I start preparing for the next addition to the family. Anyway, I just wanted to say next time you are transferring the baby food to the ice cube trays, try putting the food in a ziploc bag, cutting a small hole in it (choose a bottom corner) and squeezing the baby food into the ice cube trays. This is much simpler and provides more control over the amount of food you put in each cube. Let me know if this works!

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