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My Week in Daily Vlogs! May 8-15, 2013

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Hi Whitney!

You've been inspiring me a lot these days. I big chopped last March and it looks like we have the same hair texture, so I really feel more relax when I see how beautiful your hair looks and I really try to pay attention to all your precious tips, so thank you very much for everything! 🙂
But actually I decided to write because of your family. How precious they are! And the curious thing is that I have a Nepali boyfriend and I do not know if you ever heard it, but your husband look like indian somehow. When I saw your baby i started wondering " oh, will my baby with my boyfriend ever look like this??" hehehe… Your husband and my boyfriend somehow look alike, the are brown skined and so on… And for my surprise, I was watching the video about mother's day and he says his mother cooked "pastel" and I am like "wait! I know this food!!" and then his mother speaks some portuguese and I am "damn!! He is brazilian!! Hahahah! And the funny this is that I am brazilian too! I found this coincidence amazing! Hahah! We can really look like anybody in the world, that is really cool! 🙂
But yeah, just wanted to share this with you and that is good that he has his mother around, that is precious!

All the best for you and beautiful family. Take care!


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