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No Fuss Quick Summer Beach Curls! Natural Hair

Hey Guys!

Summer’s almost here! No time for intricate styling, just wanna grab our things and head to the beach! Here’s a quick style that you can do if you’re low on time, working out, or just want a really cute, naturally effortless beach hair style! This style is so quick, I’m done in an hour! That’s pretty awesome for my length and the fact that I’m washing and styling! So definitely give it a try this summer!

XoXo! Whit

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I love your hair…I love your hair…It's absolutely gorgeous.
I am not a natural chickie. I am relaxed (albeit, my cousin just told me to be natural ), due to the fact that my hair has loose texture pattern; additionally, extremely fine.
Nonetheless, I am pleased to see a beautiful black woman with a head of healthy hair.

Peace and Love to you and your family Whitney !

Beantown Girl,
Jeanette Desenclos.

Nice, and really loved the family photos and that natural pic you took of yourself. I really enjoy watching your videos from family to hair. You're better than reality tv and Olivia is so adorable and sweet.

I love your hair and want to go back to my natural hair and have no idea were to start. Any recommendations?

Jeanette C.

Love the video on beach hair I went to the beach over our long weekend and when that salt water hit my hair It Was A done deal ! Can u please do a video about the effects of ocean water on natural hair Help ( it was a puffy mess) 4a back&front 4 b middle love all your shows

I love this video I can def achieve this look in a small amount of time but a BIG impression!!!!

Hi Whitney,

I didn't know where I could post my question, so I'll do it here.

I noticed that when I do my ACV rinse and then apply my leave-in, I feel that my hair does not absorb the product very well. Since ACV lay the cuticles flat, and balances the PH of the hair, I was wondering if it could make sense to spritz my hair with an ACV-Water mix AFTER I applied my leave in, as a sealer. I've been thinking about this a lot, and I actually tried both methods but I've seen pros and cons to both methods.

Coul you please give me your thoughts on this?

Thank you,
Be blessed.

Xoxo Jaimie-Lyne

awesome curls and style! You know, my girlfriend takes forever to get ready!! So, now I am going to show her this video, so she speeds up the process haha!

Hey Whitney!!! I've been watching your videos for this whole school year and your videos are what gave the confidence to hold my head high during my not so good transitioning days. I'm 14 and was in middle school so comments were a bit harsh sometimes but your videos gave me the motivation I needed to continue and I'm happy to say that I big chopped 5 days ago and haven't looked back since the second day. I plan on using your advice to maintain healthy textured hair and reach maximum length by this time next year. Thank You so much for being my inspiration.

Me too I love your hair!!! You have such great tips and the way I've seen your hair grow through videos, you give me hope to have and maintain healthy natural hair. I love your video tutorials. Thank you very much!!!

Hey, I have two questions!

There's a rise in salt-water pools (versus chlorine) and I was wondering if it's "okay" to get my hair wet when I'm in them. If so, do I rinse it out afterwards or give it a thorough wash? It's supposed to be as salty as ocean water but with clean water…

Second, I've read that if I wanted to naturally lighten dry hair I can mix lemon juice with my usual conditioner then go out in the sun for two hours, rinse out the entire mixture and *voila*. Other sources I read cited honey, due to it's natural peroxide, but they all said lemon juice was very drying and thus why one should use a conditioner as a base. What do you think? Is there a safe way to give myself a few highlights?

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