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Faux Tapered Bob on Curly Hair | Natural Hair

Hey Guys!

One of my favorite haircuts is the Tapered Bob! I’m not quite ready to cut my hair again, so this Faux Tapered Bob is the perfect solution! I love that I’m able to go from long to short hair and back to long again! Give it a try if you’re craving something new or edgy for your hair!

XoXo!! Whit

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Dear Naptural85, my daughter is 10 yesrs old and her use to touch her bottom, but I started nursing school in 2011, so I started taking her to thehair dresser where her hair slowly but shortly starting shedding all the way up to her bra line…and they assured me they knew how to take care of naturally curling hair. My daughter hair is a 4 texture and I really need your help getting it back on track…I'm thinking about cutting it to her shoulder's and starting it back to get it love amd healthy. .it looks healthy when I wet it..but when it's straighten yet youcan see the damage..ever hair dresser wants to use kermet or some sort of straightener..but you can see how damage it looks..because it's uneven..it sometimes does pay to have other ppl doing hair..because when I was doing her hait I grow to her bottom. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE! ! Love your many talents. I would love to show you her hait texture and different from than yo now

I am natural and I have some grays what do you suggest I use to cover my grays. DESPERATE

Hi Naptural,

I just would like to begin by saying I really love watching your videos especially the ones on youtube. I had a question in regards to hair care. I recently made a leave in using cantu leave in repair cream and added some oils (apricot oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, a little of vegetable glycerine and tons of coconut oil) in it and a little bit of aloe vera juice. I mixing them all together. I was just wondering if I should store this leave in conditioner in the refrigerator or not.

Also I know you do not really do wash and go's but have you ever tried eco styler gel and if you have what kind of leave in did you pair with it?

The leave in conditioner that I have made was "tested" to see if they were compatible with eco styler gel, well… when I say tested I really mean I tried rubbing each ingredient in my conditioner individually with eco styler gel to see if it turned white or clear. So far I tried a small section in the front, the leave in defined my girls really nicely but I know I need a hold. I placed the eco on top there was a little whitish colour but no balls of white gunk ( I am making it dry to see if it will dry clear).

I wanted to share this with you just to hear your thought on what I did lol not sure if you care but I'd like to hear your opinion if that is ok with you.

Lastly, I would like you to know that as a "viewer" I appreciate the effort and the information you share on the internet. I find it very thoughtful and selfless.

Thank you.

your videos are hilarious and professional. Hope Youtube is treating you good!

My name is Alicia and I am residing in Toronto, Canada.

p.s. do you know if Trader Joe's ships to Canada?

Have a great day

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