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Why, Hello!

See what had happened was…

Yeah, I totally dropped the ball on updating my blog posts, huh?!? Lol, yeah, it proved to be a bigger challenge than I originally thought! But I miss writing to you guys and I miss going to my website and seeing, oh I don’t know… updated, new information!!!… ???…

So, I’m going to give it another go! My Youtube Channels, all three now, are definitely taking up the majority of my time, but I’m really going to try and stay on top of things here at the homefront!


Anyways, I miss you guys and I will be speaking with you soon! I’ll leave you with the most recent videos from my three channels! Hope you enjoy!

XoXo!! Whit

Naptural85: Dutch Side Braid on Natural Hair | Protective Style

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Pretty sure I've said this but you are Awesome! I love that your down to earth and goofy! Just keep doing what you do. Your inspire so many including myself. I wish I knew you because you are a positive person and that means a lot. Thank you.

I am mother to 3 natural girls, 13, 12, and 7 yrs old and their little brother that just turned 3. My husband and I work very hard for those kids, and to keep them confident in who they are. Just so you know, we tried to "side-do" you have posted here on my 13 year old. SUCCESS! And it was so EASY to do! She loved it and cannot wait until she has more length, so that her braid will look as wonderful as yours. She has about 5 inches to go, as we cut the damaging perm out of her hair about 4 years ago, but we also made our first of many batches of fluffy shea butter cream, and everyday cream. The everyday cream is sitting in the fridge right now, and will hopefully firm up a bit, as we nuked out coconut oil a little too long….. My 12 year old has locks that look so much like yours, but lacking by about 3 inches, and she is wearing braids right now, but as soon as possible, it is back to the naptural85 styles again. I have just purchased our first set of curlformers, and we are excited to cook up a batch of the flaxseed gel, and use it for this style. Thank you for your inspiration. Because of you, I have stopped using the "creamy crack" myself. I had a severe vitamin deficiency that was discovered in January of this year, and I stopped getting perms since November of last year because of the breakage and thinning at the roots. I love my new hairline, as it is so thick and healthy! I now know that I don't need straight to make me happy, I have to be happy with the me that I was given 🙂 don't stop doing what you are doing. The Taylor Family

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