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300K GIVEAWAY!! ♥ Naptural85

♥ Giveaway Deets ♥ 
Giveaway open to Naptural85 Subscribers! 
There are four (4) ways to enter. You can enter one, or all four ways!
Curlformers Kit – 40 Extra Long and Wide
Target black Beanie
Loft Silk Scarf
Bare Minerals Lipstick [Rise Up or Finish First]
Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner
Five (5) One With Nature Soap Bars
Goody Brand Ribbon Elastics
Sinful Colors Quick Dry Polish
H&M Beaded Bracelets
Metagrip Bobby Pins – 300 pack
My Homemade Shea Butter Mix
My Homemade DIY Oil Mix
– Two (2) people will win!
– Like This Video!
– Comment Below “I want to win that prize!!”
– That’s it, you’re entered!
an 8oz jar of My Homemade Shea Butter Mix
– Fifteen (15) people will win and three ways to enter! Can do one, or all three!
1) “Like” Naptural85 on Facebook, and comment under THIS video post “Please Enter me.” Five (5) Facebook Followers will be randomly chosen. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Naptur…
2) “Follow” Naptural85 on Instagram, and comment under the picture for THIS video ONLY “Please Enter me.” Five (5) Instagram Followers will be randomly chosen. https://instagram.com/naptural85
3) Subscribe to www.youtube.com/StyleByNap85 . Five (5) StyleByNap85 Subscribers will be randomly chosen. If you’ve already subscribed, you’re already entered! https://www.youtube.com/StyleByNap85
Winners for all prizes announced November 25, 2013, via my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; as well as in the comments section of this video. Winners will also be contacted personally through the Youtube Messaging system. Good Luck Guys!
XoXo!! Whit

Reader Comments

I was the girl who wore extensions every day of every month of every year. I was not able to accept my own hair until I discovered YOUTUBE and all the wonderful natural hair women LIKE YOU. Not only can I accept myself now, I can accept my imperfections and were them like beauty marks. I am 2 years natural!! And I really want to win that prize!!! But I mainly want to Thank You for being strong enough to share your journey. I have soooo many hair videos but I have not gotten the courage to put them up yet. Your kit would be the perfect start for my new channel. Please consider me. I want this right now more than you know. I was in a car accident yesterday and I almost gave up all hope when I realized my car was totaled. (This happened 10 days after my BIrthday) 🙁 Then I watch your vlogs and I can not help but smile and laugh. It reminds me that there is good things and good people out there. With a positive mindset and hard work I can achieve success. THanks AgaIn WHitney 🙂

I transitioned from August 2011 to January 2013. I chopped the permed hair off in that first week and i felt so liberated! I started following your videos on Youtube and your account on facebook since 2012. In fact, i had just missed you giveaway in late summer or early fall season when i started viewing you and your videos. You have inspired me and confirmed many things involving my hair and myself personally. Thank you and I love ya! Don't forget to give baby Olivia a big kiss for me! 🙂

Hi! Please Enter Me!! Been natural for a while and i enjoy watching your videos on how to do different styles and different hair products that might work on my hair. It's great that your so passionate about sharing what you know and encouraging women to go all natural! Thank you for that 🙂

Please Please Please Please enter me. My sad shea butter jar is empty and you said that you would have my back:) Good lookin' out Whit:D lol

I really want to win that prize! I know it's last minute but Jesus please touch her heart to give me that prize. I am 18 years old and I recently subscribed to her channel and I love all of her techniques. I haven't had the chance to try the homemade Shea butter YET but I cannot wait to try it(hopefully I win some). So may God bless u and plz enter my name:) Love you. Later.

I want to win that prize. I love the information you provide. Right now I use shea mositure products. Love your advise.

Hi I emailed you early this morning under cedarcreeks34 because I received that "winning email" at like 7:30am and I was like why did she email me so early and why did she want me to click on a referral link and I thought maybe you were actually trying to get a referral and like a dummy i clicked on it and gave them the information, and I knew better but I thought to myself if you needed my help for a referral I would help you. Man I thought I really won too.. Needless to say I probably will not enter any youtube giveaways. I hope you can get it all sorted out.

Sorry! I just realized the time passed 🙁
Congrats to the winner and Thank you always Naptural85!!

Sorry! I just realized the time passed 🙁
Congrats to the winner and Thank you always Naptural85!!

I SOOOO LOVE your hair, so beautiful. I also enjoy trying new products that you introduce. Just love it!!!! Please enter me in the free give a way.

On your DIY hair ties use a lighter to burn the ends of the elastic to get rid of the fringes .

I just want to say thank you! Your tutorials have truly blessed me and they have taught me how to care for my hair. Not to mention, I just love watching you. You are beautiful,funny and a joy to watch! I refer my natural friends to your blog and I use your DIY recipes. I JUST LOVE THEM! Thank for being so generous and caring!

Hi! Just wanted to tell you how much you've inspired me to wear my hair natural all year round. Your videos have been a tremendous help. Oh and I love your family. Olivia is so adorable. BTW I sent my comment here because I'm one of the rare people who don't do Facebook, Twitter etc. May God bless and keep you all!

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