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Wearable Exposed Pins Trend + DIY Decorative Bobby Pins!

A hot trend this season, is Exposed Bobby Pins! Yup, no longer are bobby pins just functional tools to be hidden in your hair and never seen, it’s time to show those bad boys! This trend has been lingering for years now but has been getting more attention since its appearances on the runways! 

I’ll show you a few different ways to wear exposed bobby pins for everyday style, as well as a super easy DIY on how to make your own decorative bobby pins at home from a few tools you already own!

I hope you enjoy guys! And let me know below, would you rock this style or pass, and if so, which is your favorite!?

XoXo!! Whit




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I love your vlogs! Your whole family is so cool and different from mine… I wish I could more like you when I grow up – smart, open, fun, talented, ambitious and natural… Greetings from Finland 🙂

how does a person with 4c hair add some type of texture to their hair everyday without over manipulating the hair?

Love your blog! I worked with your sister this summer and she turned me on to your blog and videos. It's so great to see such a happy and beautiful family enjoying life to the fullest! Thanks for all you've shared and Happy New Year!

Love the idea of the bobby pins as decorative accents to the hair, I really did need a few new ways to dress up the hair..keep doing what you do Girl….

I love this video=) You are so creative. Thank you so much for inspiring me throughout these years. We have the same hair texture & I can't wait to get up to your length… Am motivated lol xoxox

Hi Whit!

Your hair journey is AMAZballs!! I just spend my entire friday night up watching your videos beginning to end. All those that would seem helpful to me and where I am in my journey now, which were most! 🙂
I have been natural since April of 2013 (when i did the big chop that resulted in maybe an inch of hair *shocked face*). I have been relaxed with short hair for YEARS and I absolutely love short hair, but the big chop was still very "OMG" lol.
I am still trying to figure out what my hair likes and I have no idea of what my hair is saying to me, if it likes something or not. We have to work on our communication to better this relationship; hair to woman. My hair is not thick but my curls/coils are tight and small (some areas tighter and way more defined than others) and love to knot and fight each other. My aim is to find whats best, thicken, moisturize where my hair has a shine, and retention (currently about 4/5 inches of hair). If you have time please offer any advice you can for this texture!

Thank you!

Love the fingernail polish to paint and make hair pins as a great hair accessory. New to your site but will be back.

I love your daily vlogs and your hair is beautiful I have a question does your husband have a twin he is gorgeous.!!!!

Cute! I am so excited to have my DIY bobby pins too! Thanks for posting this! Have a great day!

OMG! This is simply awesome! I absolutely love the chevrons. You are truly an inspiration. I've been asked by several friends to make a video on some of my styles that I do from watching your videos. I'm not much of a technology person, but after being hounded a lot, I did my first video and the second one about a 2 weeks later. I'm learning and I thank you so much for giving us hope and not returning back to the creamy crack. When I think about a relaxer, I just go to your page in order to kill those thoughts! <3

Wow! Your post obviously very informative. Thanks for sharing your idea. I will back again soon.

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