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Perfect Curl Bun – Easy Heatless Natural Hairstyle -Naptural85

The Perfect Curl Bun, formerly known as Messy Bun, as requested by you guys through my Instagram and Facebook! This beautiful natural hair bun is deceptively easy, really classic, and best of all, it’s heatless! You can dress this down for school, or hanging at home (as I did on my original Instagram photo, peep the purple t-shirt) or you can dress it up for any formal event, like I’ve shown in today’s video! This natural hairstyle is CRAZY quick to put together, you don’t need any special skill set, just some curlformers or flexirods, a headband and some bobby pins! I hope you guys enjoy this look, it’s a really cute way to style your curlformer sets! And since the curls are worn on top of your head all day, sort of like a pineapple, you can take them down at any time without much damage to the curls! #SCORE right!? Okay guys, enough jabber, enjoy the video!

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The perfect protective style I will be rocking. Keep them coming girl for you are definitely an inspiration!

You select some of the most amazing music for your videos. Please share the name of the song and artist in your Curl Bun video. Thanks.

Absolutely love your ability to find new and creative styles to do with your hair! I must say though, that i agree with the above comment. You definitely have great taste in music as well. Please, please, please give the name of the song and artist! I've been searching for days – no joke!

Thank you thank you thank you. I used a permanent dye on my hair and what a mess. My thick healthy hair was now dry and breaking off. It was almost as bad as putting a perm in my hair! Your diy hair products, my return to henna (currently just glosses), and large 2strand twist are saving my hair. Thanks again for the recipes, please keep them coming.

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