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My Natural Hair Growth Plan + Theory | Chit Chat – Naptural85

After all the experimenting, I’m ready to grow my natural hair back to long and healthy! But this second time around, I have more experience and a hair growth “theory” that I want to test out to see if it’ll get my length back quicker! Here’s how I plan to grow out my natural hair! I hope it helps and I hope you Enjoy!

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This seems like a great theory to try! Wet massaging, moisture and blood circulation in the scalp sounds like a great plan to me. Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely going to try this. How often will you give updates?

So how did you manage your hair after baby? I'm due Nov. 24 and wondering about quick and easy hair care with a newborn. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Hola! I have been natural for a while now and have been going it alone! I do alot of research and try new things but lately ive been having a huge problem. My hair is falling out in the mibble of my head!!!! I dont know what to do ive been trying diffent things but nothing seems to be working. The rest of my hair is a substantial difference in length and i really dont want to cut it, my boyfriend says it looks like i just slept on it lol. Please help!!!!!!!
P.s. please email me your response thankkkkssss ???

Cool theory makes so much sense. I can totally see how greater moisture from frequent washing and frequent scalp massage can stimulate growth.

Hi Ya, I love the new shorter hair length. A change can be a refreshing thing. I wonder if you can post any pictures of yourself when you were a child. I'm curious to see your hair texture back before any chemicals. Did you know you had curly hair?

Since going natural 8 months ago I am amazed that I have a spirally curl pattern. Although I have always had the ability to grow my hair very long, I always thought it was typical 'wooly' hair. I now realise that sulfate shampoos and heavy greases smothered any curl pattern I had. Keep up the great work Naptural!

Hi Whitney! Thank you so much for this, can't wait to try it:) Just a quick question, so when do you cleanse with mud wash or shampoo and how often? After a month? What about deep condition? Would appreciate if you do a video detailing your full one/two month process. Please let us know and thank you! Love all your tutorials!

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