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LAST MINUTE FIX | Styling Bedtime Two Strand Twists – Easy Protective Styles

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Sup Guys! We’ve all been there… twists didn’t dry completely… running late for work…hoping on a flight… and sometimes, you just want to wear your bedtime two strand twists out to keep your hair protected. But then you realize that it’s not the most flattering style you’ve ever seen. Well, here are a few ways you can turn your bedtime twists into really cute styles that are not only flattering and comfortable, but work-appropriate! These protective natural hairstyles are perfect for professionals, college and highschool students, and pretty much anyone on the go! I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope it helps! Xo! Nap

ps. I love you guys! Thank you for all of the kind words about the Business Insider article!! Xo!!

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