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Easiest 2 Ingredient Clay Mud Wash Recipe | Simple DIY Hair Care – Naptural85

Hey Guys! Time to take it down a notch… I wanted to show you guys just how simple my homemade recipes can be! Here’s the most simple and easiest clay mud wash recipe you’ll find on the internet! It can be made in less than a minute, and involves only two ingredients for a creamy, smooth and naturally cleansing clay wash! I hope it helps! XO! Nap

My Favorite Natural Ingredients Vendor (clay, oils, etc..) : https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/#AI…

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The majority of viewers thought this was a bit dirty style but I have absolute confidence in its work. Thank Naptural85
P / s I liked mud ^^

My best friend's daughter recently introduced me to your site, and I have since become huge fan. I tried this mud wash recipe last week using bentonite clay and felt the results immediately even while I was still in the shower. My hair is now much softer and more manageable. The next recipe I plan to try is the deep conditioner with the fenugreek which is appealing to me since it doesn't have any coconut oil in it. Thank you for all that you do. Keep up the great work. It's obvious you love what you're doing.

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