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Transitioning to VEGAN | Whitney White

Oh Hay! My **transitioning** to VEGAN story + WHY! Please no judging, I don’t judge anyone based on their eating habits. I’m only sharing because I was asked repeatedly. Currently eating fruits, but I try to avoid the super acidic ones so my rash doesn’t flare! XO! Whitney

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Hi Whitney! I'm definitely not vegan, but I do get the back and forth thing, and not formally claiming a particular food lifestyle. I'd go meatless for a while, but not claiming "vegetarianism" because then it felt like a self-imposed restriction and I didn't want to feel guilty for eating a piece of chicken one random day. lol I do love vegetarian and vegan dishes though. I follow a wonderful vegan Youtube channel. Everything I've made so far has been outstanding! Sweet Potato Soul: https://www.youtube.com/user/SweetPotatoSoul



I was vegetarian for 15 years, being on a Vegan diet for the first year of it. I would just like to say that going Vegan is a good, healthy choice for anyone to make, I was inspired by a friend who was just about the fittest and healthiest person I knew – he had been been vegan for 8 years before I met him. Milk products, in particular, can be e bit detrimental to an adult's health as we get older (digestion in particular) and because we consume it so continually. I would advise any meat eater to reduce their dairy consumption. Anyway, it is all personal choice and I did not give up meat due of someone lecturing or boring me with their beliefs, I did it because I was inspired to try something new. Most people who know me would never stick the word ' vegetarian' on me because its just part of life for me – not something to constantly drone on about. They usually see me as a regular, slim, active, healthy person until they suddenly notice that they have never seen me eating meat, they then bore everyone (including myself) about the fact that vegetarians are unhealthy looking people who bore everyone to death about their beliefs and that no one should eat meat in front of me because I will be offended!!!! And thats even after I've been around them for years.Its Baffling.
There are some great vegan dishes from around the world, its not just all salads and nut roasts. Family are always astounded at the tasty meals I give them.
Avoiding animal products in terms of clothes, bags, cosmetics etc is a great move to make – although it can be difficult.
Anyway, good luck.

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