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How To Havana Marley Twist Like A PRO | Invisible Roots

Hi guys!

A step by step tutorial on how to Havana Twist, or Marley Twist, like a PRO! I’m using the Invisible Root Technique, where the twisting hair is blended seamlessly for natural looking twists that appear to be growing out of your scalp. I’ll be using the generic version of Havana Hair, called Cuban Hair, found at the local beauty supply, and Marley hair, or Afro Kanekalon Twist Braiding Hair. This video breaks the process down from start to finish! I was CLEARLY enjoying the style, so don’t mind my antics… ^_^ Alright guys, I hope you enjoy it and I hope it helps!

Xo! Nap

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Very pretty! I'll try with Jamaican braiding hair. I find that hair to be softer then Cuban hair but easier to grip with natural texture than Marley hair. Thanks for sharing!!

What exactly is ur Apple-Cider Vinegar wash that you do with the synthetic hair you mention in male twist video?

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