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DIY Moonshine Glitter Gel Pomade + Glitter Hairstyles | Natural Hair


I found this fun glitter gel, called Major Moonshine, that can be applied to your hair and skin! It’s awesome for festive hairstyles or parties, but it can be pretty expensive for such a small jar. In this video I’ll show you how to make DIY homemade Major Moonshine Glitter hair gel pomade, as well as a few fun glitter hairstyles that work with your natural hair texture! I hope you enjoy!

Xo! Nap

ps. I styled everything with my DIY Homemade Shea Butter Cream to help lubricate the hair so the glitter wouldn’t stick. I don’t know if it helped, but just want to note! Shea Butter Recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3Ok1… I’m also sure that my stretched hairstyles helped the glitter come out more easily than say, a wash and go-type style would! And lastly ?, glass jars are from local art supply store, in the glass jar aisle! ❤

**IMPORTANT : I didn’t have any issues with the glitter but thought I’d share a comment from one of the fam below : 

“mycatsaysmeow1 (39 minutes ago) This seems dangerous. Giant flecks of glitter threatening to fall over your face and into your eye? Craft glitter in your eye can literally blind you. I hope the commercial one is at least using cosmetic grade glitter.”

Just be careful when wearing this, I wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt. Be sure not to get it near your eyes, and throughout the night, periodically check to make sure everything is clear. XO! Love you guys! ❤❤

Major Moonshine Glitter Hair Gel Retail https://rstyle.me/n/bgeuwzbansf

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You tried something new!! Good for you! I’m always afraid I’ll mess up when I try
new stuff. What made you decide to try something new? I’d like to get motivated.
Maybe you have some ideas you can share.


I use to have a fabulous head of hair then menopause happened.
I'm now 57 and my hair is a mess, thin, weak and stringy and falling out in full strands! 🙁
can you help me please find a remedy such as your homemade deep conditioner with the apple cider vinegar or
your hair growth deep conditioner with Fenugreek? thank you, love your video's!

Signed by Almost Bald! 🙁

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