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DIY | Dye Gray Hair Black Naturally – Henna + Indigo Step By Step

A detailed, step by step tutorial on how to dye grey hair black naturally using henna and indigo! It’s a simple two step process, using a natural homemade dye recipe that includes coffee! It’s a great way to ditch the chemicals and opt for a natural alternative that not only colors your natural hair safely, covering the gray hair, but strengthens it as well! I hope it helps! 

Xo! Nap

**Henna acts like a PROTEIN treatment**

Henna https://www.hennasooq.com/fresh-jamila
Indigo https://www.hennasooq.com/organic-indi

—– Powder Measurements —–
Gray Spot Treating: 1/8 – 1/4 Cup
Above Ear Length: 1/4 Cup +
Shoulder Length: 1/2 Cup
Bra Strap/Mid Back: 2/3 Cup
Lower Back: 1 Cup
Hip/Waist Length: 1.5 Cups

—– How To Achieve Your Color —–
Reddish Brown: 70% Henna + 30% Indigo [MIX]
Brown: 50% Henna + 50% Indigo [MIX]
Dark Chocolate Brown: 30% Henna + 70% Indigo [MIX]
Black: 100% Henna [1ST STEP] + 100% Indigo [2ND STEP]

**Store Henna Powder + Indigo Powder in fridge or freezer

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Hi, thanks so much for sharing recipes. Can you do one for a leave in conditoner. This would be great.


Curlyproverbs is very familiar with henna amla etc. You might want to try the amla it is said to darken and strengthen hair- I 'm considering going that route. As stated henna is strengthening like protein. deep conditioning is ESSENTIAL! Also it is said to coat and protect and smooth hair cuticle. Good luck

Interesting post. It's actually my first time to hear about henna + indigo. Thanks for sharing. I would agree about the use of conditioner after.

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