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Twist and Curl on Natural Hair – Naptural85

Hey Guys!

A short break from all the damage talk to bring you a simple hairstyle, The Twist and Curl on Natural Hair! This style fuses together the ease of a twist out, with the look of a perm rod or flexi rod set! It’s really easy to install, and very comfortable to sleep in, if you’re into no heat heatless natural hairstyles! I hope you enjoy! 


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Hi Whitney, I have been following your different segments from your beginning until present. I have three daughters. The youngest just started college last fall. I have notice that when you wash and conditions your hair, you do not have a lot of shedding when you comb through with the conditioner in. My daughter hair is very very thick. When she conditions her hair and combs through it to get the tangles out she ends up with a hand full of her hair after she done. Is there any type of shampoo and conditioner that you can recommend to ease up on all the shedding? It would be greatly appreciated.

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