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DIY Homemade Natural Shampoo With African Black Soap | Healing Recipe

This extremely easy and quick DIY homemade natural shampoo recipe incorporates the medicinal power of African Black Soap, along with essential oils and nutrients known to stimulate hair growth and repair and heal scalp damage! I hope you enjoy this super simple and quick recipe, that takes only a few minutes to prepare! Xo!


African Black Soap https://alaffia.com/authentic-african-…
My Favorite Online Ingredients Vendor: https://bit.ly/1Cfl5vA

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I made the shampoo and it's great. I am going through some of the same health issues with Candida. My head has been itching all of a sudden around the back edges of where my hair stops. And the itching seemed to be moving up into my head and down one side of my neck. The shampoo has calmed the itching down. I have used it for 3 days now and the itching is practically gone.

Thank you,

I love all your hairstyle they are very nice but he is very strong what do you recommend for dreads

I love all your hair products I want to know how to make the gel do they use the same oil that I put for my hair body and oil

Hi Whitney I came across your video for DIY African black soap shampoo and it made me interested to try it since I’m still new in my natural hair journey and I also suffer from really bad dandruff . I’ve tried stuff but somethings don’t seem to work anyway my questions is I came across ACV RINSE or other natural remedies for dandruff can the African black soap be combine with these other dandruff remedies or is it best to use it by its self since it has nutrients to get rid off dandruff with the oils its self . Thanks in advance me hope to hear from you

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