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Why Your Hair Texture Is Changing + Falling Out | My DETAILED Story

Possible reasons why your natural hair is breaking off and thinning, why your natural hair is falling out, why you natural hair texture is changing, and why your natural hair won’t grow.

Hey Guys,

I hope this video is informative for you and helps. I’m not a doctor, and as always, suggest you go to your doctors for verification, but here are a few reasons why you may be experiencing issues with your natural hair. If you notice a sudden texture change in your hair, your hair is falling out or breaking off, then it could be a sign of one or a few issues that I’ll talk about in this video. Again, I’m not a doctor, this is all information that I’ve learned while researching and verifying my own health and hair issues. I also share my entire detailed hair health story as it relates to my recent health issues. I hope this video helps!



Topics: Vitamin D deficiency and hair loss, alopecia hair loss, candida hair loss, thyroid hair loss, gluten hair loss, celiac disease and hair loss, parasites hair loss and thinning, adrenal fatigue hair loss and texture change.

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Reader Comments

Hey Whitney,
Glad you figured out what was going on. Things like that can be really scary. Something similar happened to me two years ago, but instead of a rash, my joints swelled to the extreme. So much so, that my dad had to come to my job and carry me to my car and drive me home one day. Unfortunately for me, my diagnosis was lupus nephritis. It just happened all of sudden; inside of a month as a matter of fact. I've had to go back and forth to the hospital (two of them actually) and stayed there for weeks. I gained so much weight, which wasn't actually weight, it was interstitial fluid and blood being broken down from my body because my kidneys were shutting down. It was an extremely scary time for me.

After 5 months, I'd recovered and was declared in remission. I still live with taking lots of meds and being careful with the stress in my life, which for me was a trigger for the disease to surface. It is very important to go see a medical physician about things like that, whatever the case may be. DO NOT WAIT! You never know what can be happening to your body.

Hi Whitney,
I had the exact symptoms that you experienced;it took me years to find out what was wrong. Finally I found a doctor who listened and was able to narrow it down two medical issues Lupus and Lyme disease. The Lyme disease was the main culprit that wrecked havoc with my immune system that mimicked the Lupus. I was bitten in Junior High, many years later when I had my son in my thirties the stress and hormonal change during pregnancy caused the symptoms of Lyme to really come out. Now I’ve changed what I eat and am better able to manage the fatigue and depression that can be cyclical at times. It can take a while to get the correct diagnosis however when you do this is a lifestyle changer. So be patient and pace yourself, there will be good and bad days but you can mange your symptoms. Wishing you and the family all the best.

Hi Whitney,
I’m a fan and have been for some time. I have been bold and created my own hair care moisturizing products. However I have an issue. I just gave birth to my 2nd child a beautiful little girl named Ava (my oldest is Aden whom is almost 12). I wore sengeles twist for a month before delivery and 2 months post. I took the twists out but my hair seems dry and more curly. Could my shifting hormones have changed my hair? What can I do about the dryness? Deep Condition should help right? If so, what one?

Thanks for listening,
Samone’ Nicole

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