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DIY Mango Cupuacu Butter Hair Cream | NO Coconut Oil or Shea Butter

How to make an extremely easy whipped hair and skin cream using mango butter, cupuacu butter, lots of aloe vera gel, and nutrient-rich oils! You’ll also find cocoa butter and kokum butter in this recipe, along with vitamin E , argan oil and castor oil! This recipe does NOT contain coconut oil or shea butter for those who do not like that in their hair. You can customize, sub or add, any ingredient in this mango and cupuacu hair butter cream recipe to make it perfect for your hair! I hope you enjoy,

Xo! Nap

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Thanks for sharing! …. Quick question: Should water be used daily on “transitioning” hair?

Hi Naptural85

Love your natural hair movement, so to speak!
This is a concept i’m researching more and more for myself, and eventually i think will exercise.
So i’ve been doing research regarding natural haircare products in and around my area (Johannesburg, South Africa)….and we are seriously falling short. I love that you whip up your own concotions, because that’s exactly what i will be doing. Planning on doing my ‘Big Chop’ in a weeks time. But really wanted to be prepared with all the products i think i would need. I guess my question is, do you aid in assisting with shipping of natural organic products e.g. mango, kokum cupuacu butters for people in different countries, like me, that find it extremely difficult to come by?

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