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How To Get FREE Essence Beauty Boxes! #HappySavings

Hey guys! Keep reading to find out how to get amazing savings on the Essence Beauty Boxes that equate for up to five (5) FREE Beauty Boxes!!

If you didn’t know, The Essence Beauty Box is a monthly subscription box made specifically for and by, women of color! Each box is curated by the Essence beauty editors themselves, and contains at least five (5) beauty products!

Essence Beauty Box – July 2016


In addition, the Essence beauty editors make sure to include at least one beauty product from a black-owned business in every box!

It’s an awesome way to discover new products every month, without breaking the bank! And each product works well for the complexions and hair textures of women of color!

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 7.40.44 PM



So here’s the hook-up! For the next two weeks only, grab ANY Essence Beauty Box subscription at 20% OFF using promo code: NAPTURAL85

And while supplies last, when you order ANY beauty box subscription using promo code: NAPTURAL85, Essence will give you an additional Limited Edition “Essence Festival” Beauty Box for FREE!

So that’s 20% OFF + a FREE Limited Edition “Essence Festival” Beauty Box on ANY subscription!! #CRAY

Essence Beauty Box – July 2016


Save More: If you grab a 12-month subscription with the promo code, you’ll basically be getting five (5) Beauty Boxes for FREE!!* That’s almost half a year of FREE Essence Beauty Boxes! 

*Just keep in mind that the exclusive “Essence Festival” Beauty Box is only available while supplies last, so if you want that fifth box free, you’ll want to sign up fast! Head to https://bit.ly/29NdAAa to grab your subscription, offer ends August 2nd!

Essence Beauty Box – June 2016


Alright guys, I’m off to test out some of the awesome beauty products in my June and July boxes! Can’t wait to see what’s in the August box!

Thank you Essence Beauty Box, for partnering on this post and for the affiliate link and promo code! I hope you guys enjoy the boxes!

GET 20%OFF with Promo Code: NAPTURAL85


Wearing Maybelline New York Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color in “Posessed Plum” – Essence Beauty Box, June 2016

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Do you recommend unite hair? I was looking for a good hair brand to start wearing protective styles more ,but every hair brand I’ve tried has sucked. What brand of hair would you recommend?


There was this one hairstylist that I used to go to, when I was relaxed. She wasn’t only good at what was doing: she also treated my fine hair with all the gentleness that it required. So, it is with an unwavering confidence that I contacted her, a few days ago, to get my first crochet braids installed.
During the styling process, several things should have made me leave. But for some reason, I just sat in painful silence as she pulled my short (big chopped a year ago, approximately) tresses and raked through them several times with a fine toothed comb. As she braided my hair tightly that my scalp would hurt for the 4 next days – in spite of me, taking the style down 2 hours after getting it installed.
The result of my passiveness ? 40 wasted euros, and a head full of hard, limp and wiry strands that cannot be left a minute without tangling on themselves. It’s like there are small holes all along my hair strands. Just typing this comment makes me feel like crying. After making many researches, I decided to buy the “aphogee 2 min reconstructor”; as well as a warmly recommended leavin conditioner. I tried those new prodcts, and my hair has never felt so dry and crunchy. At this point, I am so disoriented that I put my hair in 6 big braids that I hide under scarves every time I have to go out. I’ve been thinkin about cutting it again, but I am literally terrified by the perspective of a second big chop.
I’m really sorry that this ended up being such a long message (and sorry for the shaky English as well).I’d be really grateful if you could give me a piece of advice.

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