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In response to the embarrassing and unjustified hair pat downs during TSA security checkpoints, I drafted a letter template to disseminated to urge national organizations that represent our political and civil interest (ACLU, NAACP, Black Caucus, etc.) to press the TSA about their discriminatory and targeted hair pat downs during security screening.

Copy and paste this text in a blank Word document, add in specific text in the designated areas that describe your experience, drop in your name (or an electronic signature at the end) and email the final file to: civilunrest2016@gmail.com. Questions about this project can also be directed to this email account.

***************LETTER TEMPLATE LANGUAGE*****************

Re: Transportation Security Administration Security Screening Process

To Whom It May Concern:

I speak for myself, and for African American women across the United States, to strongly urge your organization to use its position to demand the immediate elimination of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) discriminatory searches by federal employees. I, FIRST AND LAST NAME, have had the misfortune of the unnecessary, unreasonable, humiliating and discriminatory hair pat-downs by a TSA employee after passing through a full body scanner.

I am among a number of women whose hair is styled in [FILL IN THE BLANK], subjected to these targeted screenings. The TSA publicly committed to “race neutrality” in security screening programs, but my experience was anything but. More action to ban protocols and processes that allow TSA employees to perform these demeaning practices are strongly encouraged and civilly sanctioned. On [DATE/MONTH], I experienced [ADD A BRIEF DIGEST OF YOUR EXPERIENCE OR OF ONE YOU WITNESSED HERE].

As a citizen of this country, I support reasonable and necessary security screening of all passengers to ensure our safety at airports and on airplanes. My complaint exists to seek the application of clear, consistent and non-discriminatory security screening standards that do not target specific hair types or ethnicities.

This humiliating experience is becoming my new normal during the TSA security process and is a grave misuse of TSA agents’ time and resources. Racial profiling isn’t only ineffective, but it violates the U.S. Constitution and my civil rights of equal protection. The Fourth Amendment guarantees that I am free from these unreasonable searches I experienced at [NAME AIRPORT(S)].

Without a unified, corporate voice that protects my rights when I am traveling by aircraft, I fear that my concerns will go unheard. Your organization’s co-sponsorship and support of my request to speak, act and sustain policies on my behalf that protect my civil rights and eliminate discriminatory practices are resiliently urged. I, FIRST AND LAST NAME, give permission to representation at your organization to file a formal complaint on my behalf with the TSA reflecting my grievances. I, FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME, elect to receive information about me concerning the experiences and charges set forth in that complaint, as well as, information regarding actions and/or policy changes related to my complaint.



Hello Whitney, yesterday I was searching for info on coconut oil as my conditioning after my henna, and I stumbled across one of your youtube videos. I watched you about 2 years ago, so it was not an introduction to you, but rather a reunion. After watching one of your videos, I ended up spending my free time at the end of the day watching several of your videos–I guess they call that binge watching. You have such great information!!! I am writing this comment, though, because I watched your segment on the Real and on Essence. And I want to tell you that you SHOULD be paid by the many companies whose products you endorse. And I know that you do not endorse them for money. You endorse them because you really like them. It is your integrity and your down to earth personality that makes me want to listen to you. You are a gem!! So many people who are giving information are so full of themselves and really disingenuous, but NOT you. You are a company’s dream…knowledgable, full of integrity, and warm. And, by the way, I am in my late 40s, soon to be 50, and I love the information you share, so you cross age boundaries, not just twenty-somethings or thirty-somethings listen to you and look to you for help. And I run to research the products and buy them (if they fit in my budget :)). I just wanted to share this information because I think the world needs more people like you to keep doing what you do. AND, I think, that you should be compensated for the joy (via great information and encouragement) that you bring to us natural hair people who can get lost on this journey.
May God continue to bless you and your family.

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