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Why I Stopped Using Coconut Oil | Natural Hair Care – Naptural85

The reason why I no longer use coconut oil in my hair care routine! I used to LOVE coconut oil, so this was pretty shocking to me, but nevertheless, here’s my reasoning why! I hope you enjoy the video and I’m hoping it helps anyone else out there struggling with unexplained hair loss, an irritated scalp and/or dry hair!

XoXo! Nap

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Hi my name is Whitney…mother of 2…and I do not have time or $ to go to hairstylists…I have natural hair that is driving me crazy…I can’t seem to find the right products or simple hairstyles to work with it. My scalp constantly stays dry even after I grease it…please help…

Whitney, I’m frances and I have natural hair as well. I have been growing my hair for a year now after cutting almost all of it off and struggled to find the right product until I discovered a product called Mammoth Oils. It’s basically 7 natural oils all in one bottle. My scalp hasn’t dried out since I started using it 6 months ago!

Naptural 85
Hola!!!! Sou do Brazil e adoro seus vídeos e canal!!!!! Pena que nem todos são traduzidos para o Portugues. Queria saber porque você não usa mais oil coconut… Por um acaso deu cabelo caiu?????Beijos.

Thanks for sharing! This is definitely a big help!! I’ve done the mango cream and it’s so awesome!! Thank you for all you do for the natural hair community and my own personal natural hair journey!

Question: I have a serious dandruff problem. Any suggestions? I started using Terressentials hair wash but since they don’t have a conditioner, I can’t the combps through it. I’ve been natural f about 8 years. Any suggestions for a conditioner as well as for the dandruff would be Greatly appreciated!!

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