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Natural Hair Products WITHOUT Coconut Oil I’ve Been Using!

*PRODUCTS LINKED BELOW | Answering the TOP question from my video where I stopped using coconut oil: what products are you using now!? I’ve been pretty busy lately, so these products are LITERALLY just what I’ve been able to grab quickly and locally, and use on my hair. Of course, I’m still pretty new at not using coconut oil in my natural hair, so this list will definitely be more streamlined later on, but for now, I just wanted to quickly answer your question and show you what I’ve been using! I hope it helps! Xo!! Nap

WOW… MANY of my OLD favorite products contained coconut oil… 😳😭 So my next “Favorite Products Video” is sure to be COMPLETELY different… 💩 Anyways, check out the few that I could salvage below, along with everything else listed within this video!


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I’ve been watching your videos and I love them. I’ve been having problems with my hair it breaks very easily I’ve been washing it myself. A lot of deep conditioning. if you’re not too busy can you please please make me something for my hair and I will pay you please something for hair that breaks easily please let me know thanks for your time.

Hi my name is Natisha Knox, I love your products that you use all natural. Just wanted to know do you sell any of the products because I would love to buy some. I left you my email so I’m hoping to hear back from you very soon thank you have a blessed day.

Hi just wanted to know your current hair regimen since you stopped using coconut oil.do you use leave in or still used sliders juice as your leave in. Please a video of your current hair regimen will be great, from wash to moisturizing and styling. Thanks.

I saw ur black soap shampoo video & I want to try it but first I want to ask I hv some gray hair and I was hoping the black soap could camouflage it as well as being a great healthy shampoo alternative so do u know if the black soap adds a little tint to ur hair ? 😊

I have so much to ask, so I’ll just start with I really enjoy watching your hair experiments and I thank you for sharing the good, bad, and ugly. I haven’t been following your recent videos, due to my hair falling out…. 🙁 I can’t be sure what actually made my hair fall out but I suspect it was the Wen shampoo… I was doing good so I think with Shea moisture products but it was a bit expensive, so I decided to try Wen because of the price… I used it on my hair for a couple of months and I really didn’t notice a problem until I started using this other product that was an ad on FB called E’TAE Natural Products, I used it about 2 or 3 times and that’s when I noticed a patch of my hair was shorter, I asked my stylish and she said it wasn’t that bad that my be I didn’t d’tangle my hair good. but a months later the to center of my hair was very short to the point I had to cut it…. 🙁 Then I start hearing bout of Wen had taken out other people hair and that there was law suits against them. So I just through away both products and just said forget it. I went on for a couple of months just using my curl defining product Taliah Waajid but I just decided it was getting cold and I didn’t have time to dry my hair, that I would just get a sewin. My hair doesn’t grow fast, which I think is just genetics, but It was Healthier and seem to be growing before the Wen and E”tae products. I will say I was using The Terressentials shampoo a tip I got from you and I must stay I thought it was great until my hair started falling out, Which brings my to my question, Did you stop using Terresentials shampoo? If so why? I do see your new shampoo concoction and I can’t wait to try it. It also looks like you cut her hair… forgive me for asking or bringing it up but I haven’t had a change to caught up on your latest videos. I also can’t wait to try your green tea rinse, hopefully it was stop the shedding of my hair and maybe thicken it up a bit.. Anyhow I know I have talked you ear off so please reply to my question at your earliest convenience.

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

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