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Chit-Chat | Are PERFECT Social Media Pages Irresponsible?

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Hey….I just saw you in a shea moisture commercial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have watched you and your beautiful family on you tube and used you natural hair advice!! I am HAPPY for you!!

Hi whitney I am probably the only person on earth that has very little social media contact lol. But from what I do know is that it is more interesting to me when you watch people being themselves we have a lost society,so being your true self is refreshing.

I totally get where youre at Whitney. I am probably a control freak when it comes to being influenced, coerced into buying the fake ideals just so i can satisfy someones quota of likes, subscribers, etc. The world is full of ‘reality’, and its about time for life. Simple unadulterated life without the amps, photocorrections and fals-ality. Smh. I dont subscribe and usually run away screaming whenever pinterest tries to suggest anything-like they really know me, right? But, I do subscribe to your channel and follow you for being real. My life with twins and a spare all are over 16 has enough dramam i dont need it contrived for my amusement. And as an educated black female natural for 10 years, i like the way you represent yourself. You are on the right track girl! Blessings to you, Felipe and Oya!รท

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