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DIY | Make PERFECT Flaxseed Hair Gel EVERY TIME! Fool-Proof Method

I’m finally updating my ORIGINAL Flaxseed Gel recipe previously uploaded in 2010! This is how I’ve been making my flaxseed gel for the past MANY years! This all-natural DIY hair gel is perfect for all hair textures and hair types. The flaxseed gel is super moisturizing, has a nice soft hold, and defines your curls perfectly! I’m going to share how to make this gel PERFECT Every. Single. Time. No joke! No more guessing games or burning hands. This is how to get a perfect flaxseed gel consistency every time you make it! I hope it helps!

XO! Nap

My ORIGINAL Flaxseed Gel Video [2010] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWaH8…

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