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The 12 MINUTE Aloe Vera PRE POO!! Best For Natural Hair

It’s my favorite fresh aloe vera pre-poo routine, but updated to save you loads of time! This QUICK 12 minute natural hair aloe vera pre poo is perfect for busy women (and men) who love my original aloe vera pre-poo but just couldn’t find the time! My complete pre-poo routine for healthy natural hair! It nourishes my scalp, the hair shaft, as well as my natural hair ends, leaving them nourished and moisturized! Perfect for all hair textures, you can customize this pre-poo based on what oils you like best, and how much you like to add to your hair. I hope it helps!

Xo, Nap!

BEST Pre-Poo Routine For Natural Hair – Aloe Vera | All Textures – Scalp to Ends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqZnP…

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