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Happy Father’s Day!

We hope you enjoy this day, taking the time to celebrate the amazing father and father figures you have in your life! We’ve been thrilled to catch up with three amazing #MelaninBae fathers, Jeffrey, Menghini, and Jalen, about how they care for their #MelaninBae-Bae’s hair. Keep reading below to learn more about these awesome dads! 🎉

Melanin Haircare: Are you the main stylist in your home for the children, or do you switch off and take turns with someone else? And if so, who?

Jeffrey: Yes, for the most part. I do the loc retwists for my son’s hair. It’s been a journey of trial and error, but Youtube has been my best friend in this process.

Menghini: I am not the main hairstylist in the house. I switch on and off with my beautifullllll wifeee. [aww!! 🥰]

Jalen: No, I am not the main stylist, my wife is actually a stylist by profession; we take turns! My wife is always busy with clients so we tend to tag team on our girls’ hair. Most times I’ll wash and style one, and she’ll wash and style the other. Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Jalen Seawright @seawright__ and his wife making the dream work!

MH: 💯 We couldn’t agree more!! How many children do you have, and when did you learn to do your children’s hair? 

Jeffery: We have one child, Zane. He just turned 7 a few weeks ago. I learned to do my son’s hair around fall time last year when I started his locs. I’ve been growing my locs for a little over 6 years, so from what I’ve observed over the years and several YouTube videos I’ve “learned by doing.” 

Menghini: My wife and I have 3 beautiful children together. I learned to do my children’s hair when my wife was attending school to become a nurse. I learned to do my eldest son’s hair from there.

Jalen: We have two girls, Karington is our oldest, she’s 3 and Kaidence our youngest is 2. I grew up with two younger sisters, so I was always watching my mom do their hair. I’m the older brother, so if we were out and about and a bead, Bo-bo or barrette fell out, I needed to know at least how to put it back in, lol! When we had Karington, I was immediately excited to start doing her hair. I learned more and more as time went on. I’m definitely nowhere as good as my wife, but I’m not half bad! 😉

Jeffrey C Woodson II @official.jeffry.c.woodson.ii bossin’ his son, Zane’s locs!

MH: Aw, that’s awesome that you guys stepped right in to help out when needed! 🙌🏾 Did you find caring for your children’s hair difficult, or did you take to it naturally?

Jeffery: It was difficult at first to just know how long it was going to take, and how to keep him comfortable for hours. The locking process didn’t seem difficult at first, because I had seen it done before many times. However, once I actually did it myself, it took a few trials to figure out how much hair to put in each loc so it doesn’t break off, and how long to hit it with the dryer for it to stay. The benefit was my son has very kinky hair so it locked up quickly. 

Menghini: I have hair, and I have learned through the years how to maintain my hair, so when it came to my children, it came naturally.

Jalen: Karington’s hair is really thick and beautiful. It was tough for me to manage at first. I didn’t know how or what products to use! As she gets older, and her hair continues to grow nice and healthy, it’s getting thicker! I’m constantly learning how to best care for it! This is another reason why I’m super grateful for my wife, lol! My youngest, Kaidence, her hair is really soft. I tend to have trouble finding styles that last for her. Most of the time by the end of a heavy day of play, if her hair isn’t in braids I can count on it needing to be redone. 

Menghini @telemaque305 enjoying time with his LOs while taking care of their hair

MH: Which natural hairstyle is your favorite to install for your little ones, and why?

Jeffery: Locs with faded sides and back has been our go to for now. Zane does not like much [styling] when it comes to his hair. Thankfully, we have found locs work for now, ‘cause he doesn’t have to worry about brushing it much other than the faded parts, and it’s like daddy’s hair.

Menghini: I love to put curly twists on my children, due to their natural curl pattern.

Jalen: My wife and I have two go-to styles! Braided styles and twists! 

Jalen Seawright @seawright__ styles his two beautiful daughter’s hair!

MH: Oh yes! We feel you on the simple, easy, and QUICK styling choices for our littles! 😊  What’s a staple haircare product that you couldn’t go a wash day without having on hand for the little ones?!

Jeffery: We have tried a lot of things but pretty much everything Melanin Haircare. It’s been the best we’ve found that is natural and works. The Twist Elongating Style Cream is a staple in our house, because it is what we use for loc retwists. The Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend is just everything! The African Black Soap Reviving Shampoo is the only shampoo I use for locs. Before the locs, we used the Multi-Use Softening Leave In Conditioner ‘cause it’s by far the best for kids that don’t like to get their hair picked out. We’ve recommended and gifted it to a lot of friends who have kids with the same problem. 

Menghini: Must have products: leave in conditioner, moisturizer, water, and gel.

Jalen: The staple hair care product that we can’t go without is Melanin Haircare’s Twist-Elongating Style Cream.

Jeffrey C Woodson II of @official.jeffry.c.woodson.ii & @thewoodsonjourney styles his son’s locs using Melanin Haircare Products!

MH: Daaw, thank you so much guys! 🥰 We’re so happy to hear the products have been so helpful!! 🤗 So, what’s one thing that surprised you when learning to do your children’s hair? 

Jeffery: How much more you need to moisturize kids hair. My son’s hair soaks up oils like a sponge.

Menghini: One thing that surprised me is that they have sweeeeet hair.

Jalen: One thing that surprised me is how much I’d fall in love with the time we get to spend together while doing it. I feel like it’s made me a more present father in the small moments. In the little conversations we have, the movies we watch and even the snacks we eat all while doing their hair just feel more special! 

Menghini of @telemaque305 and his kids enjoy Wash Day with Melanin Haircare!

MH: Aw, that’s beautiful! And yes, we absolutely do have “sweeet hair!” 😆🥰💯 Do you have any tips for other men and fathers wanting to learn to style their children’s natural hair?

Jeffery: Make YouTube your best friend. Pretty much everything you’re trying to figure out has been made into a tutorial on Youtube. If you don’t know what to search for or who to follow, start by looking up the brands of the products you use for your children’s hair, chances are they have a presence online or other people that use the products have created “How-to” videos.

Menghini: All men should learn to do their children’s hair, [it’s a] great bonding time! You can learn styles from YouTube, and you can possibly get featured on melaninhaircare. [😉😝 #Facts!]

Jalen: My advice to dads is to just keep trying! Your styles won’t always be on the struggle bus, you’ll get better each time! Lol also, be creative! Try stuff! You got this!

Thank you Jeffrey, Menghini, and Jalen for taking the time to speak with us and sharing all these wonderful tips! We hope you have an amazing Father’s day! 💐🎉

 Jalen said it best, “You got this” MelaninBae! If you’re looking  to take your child’s hairstyle to the NEXT level, pick up The Melanin Haircare Signature Collection for ALL your styling needs; available at Ulta Beauty and the Melanin Haircare site!

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