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My name’s Whitney, otherwise known as Naptural85 on Youtube! I’m a Graphic Designer, Vlogger, Blogger, and Natural Hair Enthusiast! I’m also a proud mother of two great kids Olivia, and Theo and one kitty named Bella! #meow

I started my Youtube Channel on August 8, 2009 and never intended on making more than one video! I’m not sure why I chose the name “Naptural85″… I suppose it was funny at the time and since I wasn’t intending on making more than one video, it didn’t really matter… well, lesson learned, because now I’m stuck with it, lol!

My very first upload was of my “Natural Hair Journey” (my transition from relaxed to natural hair) and was only meant to be a ‘thank you’ to those on Youtube who had inspired me to take the leap. But I was soon finding that people were inspired by my own story and was encouraged to upload more.

Around that time on Youtube, there weren’t many 4a, curly-haired women sharing their stories of what worked for their hair and what didn’t, so I wanted to make sure I shared as much as possible in hopes of being able to help someone else with my type of hair. I found myself in the bathroom thinking, “Hey, this could help someone!” and quickly grabbing the camera to record.

I was addicted! Every time someone commented on a video letting me know that it had helped them, it just fueled my fire to keep going; it just felt good to help!

So, here I am years later, still sharing my journey, and couldn’t be more happy with my decision to go natural! I’ve branched out and started making lifestyle videos as well! You can catch them on my second and third channels DearNaptural85 and the self titled Whitney White channel!

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by my site! I hope you enjoy what you see!

XoXo Whit